10 Facts about Lynching

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The extrajudicial punishment will be discussed on Facts about Lynching.  This action is performed by an informal group. Lynching is often used to punish or intimidate an alleged group or transgressor by having an informal public execution.  Lynching is considered as an extreme act. The period of economic and social tension makes lynching frequent.  The dominant group usually will have their public support to suppress the minority group. Let us find out other interesting facts about lynching below:

Facts about Lynching 1: the acceptance of society

The society tries to accept lynching practice in a matter of discrimination. It has been seen as a type of popular justice.

Facts about Lynching 2: lynching in United States

The execution by lynching is not only seen in North America but also parts of the world like in Europe and Africa.

Facts about Lynching

Facts about Lynching

Facts about Lynching 3: the behavior

When a person behaves outside the standard of a society, he or she might be the subject of lynching.

Facts about Lynching 4: American colonies

The riots and rebellion in American colonies were the prevalent examples of lynching. At that time, political and social conditions were in tension.

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Facts about Lynching 5: the subject of racial lynching

The common subject of racial lynching before the American civil war was the Latino and assertive free blacks.

Lynching Pic

Lynching Pic

Facts about Lynching 6: after the American civil war

After the American civil war, lynching did not stop. The US black became the primary subject of lynching in the South. The right to vote was awarded for the free black men after slavery was abolished in United States.

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Facts about Lynching 7: violence

In 1870s, the South was dominated by the southern White Democrats, which increased the tension and violence. The race was applied as the base of segregation in all public facilities. Thus, the blacks were not capable to access the facilities and public life.

Facts about Lynching 8: the number of lynched people

In 1888 until 1968, almost 1,300 whites and 3,500 African Americans were lynched in the country.



Facts about Lynching 9: the anti bill lynching

Leonidas C. Dyer of Missouri was the Republican congressman who introduced the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill in 1918 to the US congress.

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Facts about Lynching 10: passing the bill

In 1922, US House of Representative passed the bill. US Senate Committee gave favorable report about the bill.

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