Top 10 Facts about Marriage

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You will be informed about wedlock or matrimony on Facts about Marriage. The obligations and rights will occur when spouses get married. In a number of cultures, before people do sexual activity, both should be married first. The purposes of marriage are varied depending on the reasons of the couple. It might be conducted for religious, financial, emotional, libidinal, legal, spiritual or legal purpose. Why don’t you check the below post for details about marriage.

Facts about Marriage 1: the social influence

The social influence will affect the selection of a prospective husband and wife.  A person gets married because of the individual desire, parental choice, prescriptive marriage, and rules of insect.

Facts about Marriage 2: a cultural tradition

Marriage is included as a cultural tradition, which comes in a number of forms. In some parts of the world, forced marriage, polygamy, child marriage, and arranged marriage are common. However, the practices have been banned in other countries due to the international law and women’s rights.

Facts about Marriage

Facts about Marriage

Facts about Marriage 3: the developed world

The developed countries try to give equal rights for the unique couple. Due to the human right movement, it is common to spot the same-sex marriage, interracial marriage and interfaith marriage.

Facts about Marriage 4: a contract

Some people often consider a marriage as a contract. The state may recognize the marriage if it is conducted according to the jurisdiction law.

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Facts about Marriage 5: how to perform marriage

The couple may conduct marriage in two major forms. The first one is by having a wedding ceremony with religious setting.  Alternatively, they may launch a secular civil ceremony.

Marriage Image

Marriage Image

Facts about Marriage 6: divorce

Divorce or annulment of marriage is allowed in a number of cultures in the world. Even though the national law is against the practice of polygamy and child marriage, it still occurs.

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Facts about Marriage 7: the social changes in western countries

Social changes related to marriage have occurred in western countries since 21st century. Fewer people decide to marry and choose to cohabit. In 1975 until 2005, the number of marriages was reduced by 30 percent in Europe.

Facts about Marriage 8: the rights of wife

The rights of wife in the developed countries are increasing due to the women’s rights movement.



Facts about Marriage 9: monogamy

Monogamy is the common form of marriage where you only have one spouse for a lifetime.

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Facts about Marriage 10: polymagy

Polygamy means that a husband has more than one wife.  The second marriage is considered void for the countries, which do not permit polygamy.

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