10 Facts about Mail

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You will be informed with an email or electronic mail on Facts about Mail. Use your mobile phones, computers or laptops to exchange digital messages. In 1960s, the first substantial use of email was spotted. It was widely recognized as email in the mid-1970s. The gadgets and computer should have access to internet if you want to send emails. It will be important for the recipient and author to be online at the same time in some early forms of email systems.  Get other interesting facts about mail below:

Facts about Mail 1: the present-day email

The present-day email is modern and easy to access. The email of the author will be accepted by the email server. Then the messages will be forwarded, delivered and stored. It applies the store-and-forward model. That is why there is no need for any simultaneous online computer and users

Facts about Mail 2: UTF-8

UTF-8 was applied on the International Email. It was the standard email address. However, it was not adopted as of 2016.

Facts about Mail

Facts about Mail

Facts about Mail 3: the brief history of email

Let us talk about the brief history of mail. It was dated back in the beginning of ARPANET history. In 1973, the encoding email messages were published as the standard.

Facts about Mail 4: the present-day basic mail

The present-day basic mail looks similar with an email message in 1970s.

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Facts about Mail 5: the importance of mail

Mail is very important in the formation of internet. The core of current mail today is associated with the conversion of ARPANET into Internet in the beginning of 1980s.

Mail Facts

Mail Facts

Facts about Mail 6: RFC 5322

RFC 5322 defines the internet email message format. RFC 2045 is used to define the multimedia content attachments.

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Facts about Mail 7: the main sections of mail

The message body and message header are the two primary components of internet email messages.

Facts about Mail 8: the header and body

The information about the email, Date, Subject, CC, To and From are found on the header. The blank line separates the body from the header. The message is written on the body.



Facts about Mail 9: the importance of mail today

Today, email is very important in the developed world. It has been used by the governments, business and organizations to exchange information.

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Facts about Mail 10: the importance of email for workers

83 percent of workers in United States believed email played a crucial part in their productivity and success in the workplace.

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