10 Facts about Laccolith

Post On: October 12, 2016
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Facts about Laccolith present the information about concordant pluton or a sheet intrusion. In general, the base of Laccolith is in planar state, while the top reminds you with the shape of a mushroom or dome. The location Laccolith can be found at the middle part of two layers of sedimentary rock. Let us check other interesting facts about Laccolith in the below post:

Facts about Laccolith 1: the dome shape

The dome shape that Laccolith has is created due to the high pressure of magma.  Therefore, the strata are raised.

laccolith image

laccolith image

Facts about Laccolith 2: the formation of Laccolith

Laccolith can be found at low depth. The magmas, which will turn into granite, granodiorite and diorite usually, will form Laccolith.

Facts about Laccolith 3: the cooling process

The cooling process does not occur instantly. It happens slowly. It will give more time for the biggest crystal to form.

Facts about Laccolith 4: the surface rock

The igneous rock is the left one from Laccolith after the rock located at the surface area is entirely eroded away.



Facts about Laccolith 5: the first application of laccolite term

Grove Karl Gilbert conducted a study in 1875 in the Henry Mountains located in Utah. The focus of his study was in the intrusion of diorite when he applied the first term of laccolite in his study.

Facts about Laccolith 6: the best place to find laccolite

Do you know the best place to find laccolite? You can go to Patagonia to visit chamber of Torres del Paine. It features the solidified and filled magmas.

facts about laccolith

facts about laccolith

Facts about Laccolith 7: Devils Tower in Wyoming

The scientists always have difficulties when they have to establish the intrusion shapes. Based on the recent study, Devils Tower in Wyoming is considered as an eroded laccolite. In the past, people believed that the structure was a volcanic neck.

Facts about Laccolith 8: Pine Valley Mountain

Pine Valley Mountain is one of the notable examples of the largest laccoliths in US. The structure is located at Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness.

Facts about Laccolith 9: laccoliths

Laccoliths are not only found on earth, but also on moon. However, the scientists are often confused with the impact craters and laccoliths on moon.

laccolith pic

laccolith pic

Facts about Laccolith 10: the shape of laccoliths

The shape of laccoliths is not always like a dome. It may have a pencil like shape too.

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