Top 10 Facts about Marble

Post On: May 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Let us find the metamorphic rock on facts about marble. The metamorphosed limestone is used to define the term marble by the geologists.  However, the unmetamorphosed limestone is also used to define the term marble according to the stonemasons. The primary functions of marble today are for building material and creating sculpture. Let us get other interesting facts about marble below:

Facts about Marble 1: metamorphism

The metamorphism of dolomite rock or limestone leads into the development of marble rock. The interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals is spotted on marble due to the recrystalization.

Facts about Marble 2: pure white marble

The pure white marble is considered as a valuable rock. It occurs due to the metamorphism of dolomite protolith and pure limestone, which have lack of silicate.

Facts about Marble

Facts about Marble

Facts about Marble 3: the veins and swirls

Many marble have unique color varieties. It occurs because of the mineral impurities like chert, iron oxides, sand, silt and clay.

Facts about Marble 4: the green colored marble

The dolostone with silica impurities and high level of magnesium on limestone may lead into the development of green coloration on the marble.

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Facts about Marble 5: the value of marble

Since the classical era, marble has been considered as a valuable rock. It has been used to create the magnificent sculpture.

Marble Facts

Marble Facts

Facts about Marble 6: the preference over marble

The preference over marble is related to the impressive softness. Therefore, it is easier for the sculptor to carve it. Moreover, it has high level of resistance to shearing. The homogeneity and relative isotropy of marble are great.

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Facts about Marble 7: the lively effect

Marble has the lively effect for it has the low index of refraction. That is why many sculptors are in love with marble as the primary medium to create an impressive sculpture.

Facts about Marble 8: polished marble

The polished marble usually contains serpentine, dolomite and calcite. It is employed in a number of building structures, which present the majestic effect.



Facts about Marble 9: white marble building

The highest concentration of white marble buildings in the world was located in the capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat according to Guinness Book of Records in 2013.

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Facts about Marble 10: the production of marble

The domestic production of marble in United States reached 46,400 tons in 2006. In 2005, it produced 72,300 tons. That is the report according to US Geological Survey.

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