10 Facts about Lactic Acid

Post On: December 1, 2016
By: Agustina

The organic compound that you can find in detergent, yogurt or even milk is explained on Facts about Lactic Acid. This liquid is clear. When it is kept in solid state, it is water-soluble. The color is white. The chemical formula for lactic acid is CH3CH(OH)CO2H.  The production can be performed in two ways. It can be synthetically or even naturally.

Facts about Lactic Acid 1: the classification of lactic acid

Lactic acid is considered as a type of AHA or alpha-hydroxy. Some biochemical processes are affected by lactic acid.

facts about lactic acid

facts about lactic acid

Facts about Lactic Acid 2: the lactic fermentation

The lactic acid bacteria are employed for the fermentation of lactic acid in the industries. Lactic acid will be produced by converting simple carbohydrates like galactose, sucrose and glucose.

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Facts about Lactic Acid 3: the growth of bacteria

The bacteria, which produce lactic acid, can be found in our mouth. The tooth decay also called as caries occurs because of the high level of acid in our mouth produced by the bacteria.

Facts about Lactic Acid 4:  the importance of lactic acid in medicine

Do you know that Hartmann’s solution and Ringer’s solution are made by using a lactate?

lactic acid facts

lactic acid facts

Facts about Lactic Acid 5: the intravenous fluids

The people who have high level of blood loss because of burns, surgery and trauma will need the intravenous fluids created from lactate, sodium and potassium cations and chloride anions.

Facts about Lactic Acid 6: the first refinement of lactic acid

Carl Wilhelm Scheele was a chemist from Sweden who first refined lactic acid from sour milk in 1780.


lactic acid pic

lactic acid pic

Facts about Lactic Acid 7: the role of Lactobacillus

The important role for making lactic acid performed by Lactobacillus was discovered based on the research of Louis Pasteur in 1856.

Facts about Lactic Acid 8: the commercial production of lactic acid

In 1895, Boehringer Ingelheim, a notable German pharmacy began to produce the lactic acid commercially.

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Facts about Lactic Acid 9: the total production of lactic acid in the world

Lactic acid was produced 275,000 tonnes in the world in 2006.



Facts about Lactic Acid 10: food

Lactic acid can be found in various sour milk products, which include cottage cheeses, yogurt, koumiss, kombucha, kefir and laban.  Lactic acid is also found in sour beer. The application of lactic acid is also found in the forgery and detergent.

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