10 Facts about Lady Godiva

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If you are interested to read something about a legend originated from Coventry, check Facts about Lady Godiva. She was known as the countess of Mercia. The legend stated that she rode a horse naked on the streets of Coventry. Her body was only covered using her long hair. The legend was traced back in 13th century. At that time, her husband put the oppressive taxation on his tenants.  She rode naked to get remission. Let us get other interesting facts about Lady Godiva below:

Facts about Lady Godiva 1: the Peeping Tom

The later version of the legend created the term Peeping Tom for a voyeur. The legend narrated that that Tom became blind and dead when he watched the naked Lady Godiva passing the streets of Coventry.

lady godiva facts

lady godiva facts

Facts about Lady Godiva 2: Lady Godiva statue

On 22nd October 1949, the people enjoyed the Lady Godiva statue. The creator was Sir Williams Reid Dick. It was placed in Broadgate Coventry. Mr W. H. Bassett-Green was a coventrian who presented the statue as a gift. The cost for building the statue was £20,000.

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Facts about Lady Godiva 3: the marriage of Lady Godiva

The husband of Lady Godiva was Earl of Mercia, Leofric.  The couple was blessed with a son, Aelfgar.

Facts about Lady Godiva 4: the descendant of Lady Godiva

There was a claim from Kingsbury family that they were the modern descendants of Lady Godiva.

lady godiva image

lady godiva image

Facts about Lady Godiva 5: the name Godiva

During the Domesday survey and charters, the name Godiva occurred even though the name was written in different spelling like Godgyfu or Godgifu.

Facts about Lady Godiva 6: a widow

Lady Godiva probably was a widow when she married Leofric if she is Godiva in history of Ely Abbey, the Liber Eliensis.

lady godiva

lady godiva

Facts about Lady Godiva 7: the generosity

Lady Godiva was known as a generous person for she gave a lot for the religious houses just like her husband.

Facts about Lady Godiva 8: the monasteries

The monasteries, which commemorated her name, are located in Evesham, Much Wenlock, Chester, Leominster, Lincolnshire and Worcester.

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Facts about Lady Godiva 9: the burial place of Lady Godiva

The people are still in debate when discussing the burial place of Godiva.

facts about lady godiva

facts about lady godiva

Facts about Lady Godiva 10: the first recorded naked ride

The first recorded naked ride was known in 13th century.

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