10 Facts about Lanthanum

Post On: November 27, 2016
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lanthanum will elaborate the chemical element, which has the silvery white metallic tone. It is ductile and soft.  In the periodic system, the atomic number is 57. It is symbolized with La. You can use a knife to cut lanthanum because it is soft. When it is exposed to air, it will tarnish quickly.

Facts about Lanthanum 1: the location of lanthanum

Lanthanum is located in the sixth period transition metals. It is the first element.

facts about lanthanum

facts about lanthanum

Facts about Lanthanum 2: the other characteristics

The toxicity of lanthanum is low. There is no biological role. It is considered as one of the rare earth elements along with cerium.

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Facts about Lanthanum 3: who discovered lanthanum?

In 1839, Carl Gustav Mosander was the chemist from Sweden who discovered lanthanum for the first time.

Facts about Lanthanum 4: the meaning of lanthanum

Lanthanum means to lie hidden. It was taken from the ancient Greek word.



Facts about Lanthanum 5: is it abundant?

In the earth’s crust, lanthanum is ranked at the 28th position of the most abundant element.

Facts about Lanthanum 6: lanthanide content

In lanthanide content, Lanthanum accounts for 15 percent of its composition.

Facts about Lanthanum 7: the usage of lanthanum

There are various applications of lanthanum compounds. People often use it for ignition elements found in torches and lighters. You can also spot the usage of lanthanum in carbon arc lamps, additive in glass, catalysts, GTAW electrodes, electron cathodes, and other. Another application of lanthanum is for producing hybrid automobile battery. It needs around 10 to 15 kg of lanthanum to manufacture a hybrid battery for Toyota.

Facts about Lanthanum 8: the base

Lanthanum is included as a base.  In the group of lanthanides, it receives the status as the hardest and strongest base.

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Facts about Lanthanum 9: the isotopes

There are two natural isotopes that lanthanum has. More than 99,910 percent of natural isotope of lanthanum is the stable 139La. The other one is radioisotope 138La.

Facts about Lanthanum 10: the detail application of lanthanum

The glass lantern mantels were considered as the first historical application. Actinophor was created by Carl Auer von Welsbach by mixing 20 percent yttrium oxide, 20 percent lanthanum oxide and 60 percent magnesium oxide. In 1885, he patented the work. The green tinted light was produced from the original glass lantern mantels. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. In 1887, he founded a factory located in Atzgersdorf. In 1889, the company failed.

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