10 Facts about Las Posadas

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Facts about Las Posadas discuss nine days of religious observation. It is often called as novenario. This celebration takes place in Mexico and southwestern United States conducted by the Mexican-American people in the country. The beginning of Las Posadas celebration is from December 16th to December 24th. Let us get other interesting facts about Las Posadas below:

Facts about Las Posadas 1: Christmas processions

Christmas processions in Las Posadas involve the participation of the families so that they can recreate the Holy Pilgrimage to Bethlehem conducted by baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

facts about las posadas

facts about las posadas

Facts about Las Posadas 2: the representation of novena

What is the importance of Las Posadas or novena? It is used to commemorate the pregnancy of Mary who carried baby Jesus for nine months.

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Facts about Las Posadas 3: the Mexican tradition

The tradition Las Posadas was traced back around 400 years ago.

Facts about Las Posadas 4: the ritual of Bible plays

The ritual of Bible plays inspired various types of Mexican holidays. The original events of the Bible had been dramatized.



Facts about Las Posadas 5: the additional elements

The church was not in favor when the plays were mixed with the non-religious elements like folk music.

Facts about Las Posadas 6: the Christmas Pageant

Even though they were banned before, they were introduced again as the Christmas Pageant.

pedro de gante

pedro de gante

Facts about Las Posadas 7: teaching the story of Jesus’ birth to Mexico

One way to teach a story about the birth of Jesus to Mexico was by reinventing the religion pageant.

Facts about Las Posadas 8: the novenas

The nine days before the Christmas Day in Mexico will be observed as the Las Posadas.

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Facts about Las Posadas 9: who started Las Posadas?

Friar Pedro de Gante started the traditional of Friar Pedro de Gante in 16th century. The root of this celebration is found in Catholicism. Its ritual and text can be seen in Rio Grande. The celebration is not only spotted in Mexico but also in some parts of Latin American countries.

Facts about Las Posadas 10: the end of the night journey

The piñatas in the celebration are filled with fruits and candies that the kids may break to get them. The clay is used to create the piñata. The people can enjoy feast too.

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