10 Facts about Latin America

Post On: December 6, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Latin America will tell the readers about the group of countries and states located in Americas. It is dominated by the Romance languages. It makes up 13 percent of the land surface area of the world. It covers the areas of 7,412,000 square miles or 19,197,000 km square. The name of the continent was coined by France in 19th century. The term is used to call the French-speaking territories.

Facts about Latin America 1: the number of states, dependencies and territories

Latin America has 19 dependencies, territories and sovereign states. The areas covered by Latin America included the southern part of South America, northern side of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Facts about Latin America

Facts about Latin America

Facts about Latin America 2: the GDP

The GDP by PPP of Latin America was 7,531,585 million USD in 2014.

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Facts about Latin America 3: population

Latin America was a home to at least 626 million people as of 2015.

Facts about Latin America 4: the first known settlement

The first known occupation in Latin America was traced back 14,000 years ago. The people settled at Monte Verde. It was located in Southern Chile.

Latin America Mural

Latin America Mural

Facts about Latin America 5: Latin America in the first millennium CE

The population in Latin America grew up to 10 million people by the first millennium CE. The people spread along the coasts, plains, mountains and rainforests.

Facts about Latin America 6: the indigenous people

Various indigenous people could be found in Latin America. The Inca, Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs had lived here. In 250, the Maya people enjoyed their golden age. In the beginning of 14th century and mid-15th century, the Incas and Aztecs emerged as the powerful tribes. The most powerful one was the Aztec empire. However, it fell after Spanish invaded the empire.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Facts about Latin America 7: the independence

The first Latin American country, which earned independence, was Haiti in 1804. Other independence movements in Latin America were inspired from the Haiti.

Facts about Latin America 8: deforestation

Deforestation is a major issue in Latin America. In the mid-1960, deforestation took place in Brazil for cattle ranching.

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Facts about Latin America 9: soybeans

One of the major contributors of deforestation in Amazon forest of Brazil is soybean.

Latin America History

Latin America History

Facts about Latin America 10: the Great Depression

The growth of Latin America was slow during the Great Depression. The internal economic development was preferable for the countries because of the impact of United States Depression and two world wars.

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