10 Important Facts about Louisiana

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Let us find out a state located at the southern part of United States on Facts about Louisiana. Among the 50 states in the nation, it is the 25th most populated one. New Orleans is the largest city. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana.  Louisiana is subdivided into parishes. East Baton Rouge Parish is considered as the most populated parish. Plaquemines has the largest parish by total area.

Facts about Louisiana 1: the border

Louisiana shares border with Mississippi to the east, Arkansas to the north, Gulf of Mexico to the south and Texas to the west.

Facts about Louisiana

Facts about Louisiana

Facts about Louisiana 2: the fauna

Louisiana is filled with diverse fauna. It is a home of fish, tree frog, and bird. The egret and ibis are the unique birds in the state.

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Facts about Louisiana 3: the flora

You will spot various species of carnivorous plants and orchids, wet savannas, longleaf pine forest.

Facts about Louisiana 4: the Native American tribes

Compared to the other southern states, the more Native American tribes are found in Louisiana. There is no need to wonder that it has multilingual and multicultural heritage. The African, Asian, Native American, Spanish, and French cultures were mixed in 18th century.

Louisiana Beauty

Louisiana Beauty

Facts about Louisiana 5: the ownership of Louisiana

Louisiana was briefly owned by Spanish. It was also a French colony. In 1803, Louisiana Purchase took place and made it as a part of United States. In 18th century, Many African people were taken to Louisiana and lived as slaves.

Facts about Louisiana 6: slavery

Slavery was prevalent in Southern States especially in Louisiana. Most of them were taken from West African regions.

Louisiana Facts

Louisiana Facts

Facts about Louisiana 7: climate

The winter is mild and short. The summer season is humid, hot and long.  The climate of Louisiana is humid subtropical. The proximity of Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico affects the climate. The high temperature takes place from mid-June to mid-September.

Facts about Louisiana 8: the National Park Service

Cane River National Heritage Area, Saline Bayou and Atchafalaya National Heritage Area are some scenic areas recognized by the National Park Service.

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Facts about Louisiana 9: the national forest

The only national forest in Louisiana is Kisatchie National Forest filled with longleaf pine forest and flatwoods.



Facts about Louisiana 10: transportation

The transportation in Louisiana is handled by Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. It maintains the port facilities, airport, roadways and many more.

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