10 Interesting Facts about Maharashtra

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Let us find out Facts about Maharashtra in the following post.  This state is considered as the third largest one by area and second most-populous one. It sits at the western part of India. The state is very rich. Mumbai is the capital of Facts about Maharashtra. It is a home for more than 112 million people.  Around 18 million of them live in Mumbai. Maharashtra also has a second capital. It is Nagpur, which serves as the winter capital. Here are other interesting facts about Maharashtra below:

Facts about Maharashtra 1: the business opportunities

The business opportunities in Maharashtra are limitless. There is no need to wonder that many people from all regions in India will like to migrate here to find a better living.

Facts about Maharashtra 2: the empires

Maharashtra has been a home for a number of empires during the ancient and medieval period. The history of empires of Marathas, Mughal, Rashtrakuta dynasty, Satavahana dynasty and Western Chalukyas was traced back in Maharashtra.

Facts about Maharashtra

Facts about Maharashtra

Facts about Maharashtra 3: the covered area

Maharashtra covers the area of 307,710 kilometer square or 118,809 square miles.

Facts about Maharashtra 4: border

Maharashtra shares border with other Indian states such as Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Telangana, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. The Arabian Sea borders the state to the west.

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Facts about Maharashtra 5: the notable river

Krishna and Godavari are the most notable rivers in Maharashtra. The rivers, which flow in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, are Narmada and Tapti Rivers.

Maharashtra Facts

Maharashtra Facts

Facts about Maharashtra 6: pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is very popular in Maharashtra. The pilgrims will like to go to Alandi, Dehu and Pandharpur.

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Facts about Maharashtra 7: the wealthiest state

Maharashtra earns the status as the wealthiest state in India. It contributed to 23.2 percent of the GDP according to the report in 2010-11. The important sources of economy include industries and agriculture.  The chemical products, textiles, allied products, petroleum, electrical machinery and non-electrical machinery are included as the primary industries in Maharashtra.

Facts about Maharashtra 8: flora

Maharashtra is a home to heterogeneous flora. The thick forest area occupied 20.13 percent of the geographical area of Maharashtra.



Facts about Maharashtra 9: wildlife sanctuaries

Maharashtra also has a number of wildlife sanctuaries. They are Chandoli National Park, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Facts about Maharashtra 10: the prevalent animals

Black panthers, tigers, sloth bears, leopards, gaur, chital, jackals, blue bull and four-horned antelope are the prevalent animals in Maharashtra.

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