10 Fun Facts about Massachusetts

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Fun Facts about Massachusetts will tell the readers about a state in US. In New England region, it is considered as the most populous one.   The name of the state is taken from the name of Massachusetts tribe. Once, the region was occupied by the tribe. Boston is the capital of the state.  Greater Boston Metropolitan area is occupied by more than 80 percent of the population in Massachusetts. The industry, academia and history of America were heavily affected by Massachusetts. Let us check other interesting facts about Massachusetts below:

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 1: the original economy

The original economic sources of Massachusetts were related to trade, fishing and agriculture.

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 2: industrial revolution

During the industrial revolution, it became a manufacturing center in United States. However, the economy was shifted into service from manufacturing in 20th century.

Facts about massachusetts

Facts about massachusetts

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 3: modern Massachusetts

The primary sources of economy in modern Massachusetts are finance, education, engineering, biotechnology and maritime trade.

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 4: the first colony

The first colony in New England was located in Plymouth. The Pilgrims were the passengers of Mayflower who established the colony in 1620.

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Fun Facts about Massachusetts 5: the town of Salem

When you read the American history, you must know about Salem witch trials. This case was super famous in America, which took place in the town of Salem in 1692.

massachusetts climate

massachusetts climate

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 6: the same-sex marriage

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalized the same-sex marriage after the decision of Goodridge v. Department of Public in 2004.

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Fun Facts about Massachusetts 7: the political dynasties

Do you know that the famous Kennedy families and the Adams were from Massachusetts? They are the prominent political dynasties in US.

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 8: the academic institutors

The famous academic institutions in Massachusetts are Harvard Law School, Harvard University in Cambridge, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

massachusetts event

massachusetts event

Fun Facts about Massachusetts 9: the biome

The temperature deciduous forest is the major biome of Massachusetts. However, many areas of the forests are transformed into agriculture. The forest only makes up around 62 percent of Massachusetts.

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Fun Facts about Massachusetts 10: the fauna

Massachusetts is a home to various animals, which include raccoons, white-tailed deer, eastern gray squirrels, wild turkeys, coyotes, and peregrine falcons.  The fish and waterfowl are mainly spotted in lakes.

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