10 Facts about Laurie Lee

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Let me show you interesting information about the English poet, screenwriter and novelist on Facts about Laurie Lee. He was born on June 26th, 1914 and died on May 13th, 1997. His full name was Laurence Edward Alan Lee. He was raised in Slad Village and educated at Central Boys’ School in Gloucestershire.

Facts about Laurie Lee 1: an autobiographical trilogy

Lee had various works. The notable one included his autobiographical trilogy. In 1959, Cider with Rosie was published. The second and third ones were As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning (1969) and A Moment of War (1991).

Facts about Laurie Lee

Facts about Laurie Lee

Facts about Laurie Lee 2: the first volume

Lee’s childhood in Slad Valley was explained in the first volume of the trilogy.

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Facts about Laurie Lee 3: the second volume

If you read the second volume, you will know the first visit of Lee to Spain in 1935. He also recounted the memory when moving to London from his hometown.

Facts about Laurie Lee 4: the third volume

In the third volume, Lee narrated his journey to Spain where he took part in Republican International Brigades.

Laurie Lee Cottage

Laurie Lee Cottage

Facts about Laurie Lee 5: Lee at the age of 20

Lee took the job as an office clerk when he was 20 years old. In the summer of 1935, he went to Vigo, Spain after living London. He earned the money to support his life by playing violin.

Facts about Laurie Lee 6: an International Brigade volunteer

Lee served as the international Brigade volunteer after he came back to Spain in 1937. Due to his epilepsy, his service was interrupted.


Laurie Lee Headstone

Laurie Lee Headstone

Facts about Laurie Lee 7: A Moment of War (1991)

A Moment of War (1991) explains his experiences when he took part in the Spanish Civil War. Lee fought on the behalf of Republican Army.

Facts about Laurie Lee 8: a fantasy

Some claims that Lee actually was not involved in the war. They called his explanation in the book was only fantasy after his death. However, his widow stood against them.

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Facts about Laurie Lee 9: the job of Lee

Lee created documentary movies in the Second World War. He worked as a scriptwriter and journalist before 1951.

Facts about Laurie Lee 10: the personal life

Catherine Francesca Polge and Lee married in 1950. Jessie was the daughter of the couple.

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