10 Facts about Lavoisier

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Let me show you the interesting information about a French chemist on Facts about Lavoisier. He contributed a lot of to the field of chemistry. He was born on 26th August 1743 and died on 8th May 1794. His full name was Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier. He was a central figure during the 18th century. People often call him as the father of modern chemistry. If you are interested to know more about his personal life and achievement, check the details below:

Facts about Lavoisier 1: the contribution

One of his achievements is the transformation of science from the qualitative into the quantitative. Lavoisier also discovered the important role of oxygen during the combustion. In 1778, he named oxygen. In 1783, he named hydrogen.

Lavoisier and Wife

Lavoisier and Wife

Facts about Lavoisier 2: other contributions in the field of science

Lavoisier played an important role to improve the chemical nomenclature. He also created the list of elements. Lavoisier was one of the key figures who developed the metric system.

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Facts about Lavoisier 3: sulfur

Sulfur was considered as a compound. The first who considered it as an element was Lavoisier.

Facts about Lavoisier 4: the existence of silicon

In 1787, Lavoisier had a prediction that silicon was existed. He also believed that the mass of a matter was always the same even though it changed the shape and form.

Lavoisier Labs

Lavoisier Labs

Facts about Lavoisier 5: aristocracy

In the aristocracy councils, Lavoisier was one of their key members. He was also participated in the Ferme générale as an administrator. During the Ancien Regime, the organization was hated for various factors such as the violence of its agents and contract secrecy. Lavoisier took part in the organization for he would be able to fund his researches from its economic and political activities.

Facts about Lavoisier 6: Jean-Paul Marat

Jean-Paul Marat accused Lavoisier of selling adulterated tobacco during the peak of French revolution. A year after the death of Marat, Lavoisier was guillotined.

Lavoisier Pic

Lavoisier Pic

Facts about Lavoisier 7: attacks on Ferme Générale

In 1791, Ferme Générale was abolished due to the French Revolution. Lavoisier had to leave house and laboratory at the Royal Arsenal in 1792 after he let go his position at Gunpowder Commission.

Facts about Lavoisier 8: as a traitor

During the Reign of Terror in 1794, the Convention under Maximilien de Robespierre considered Lavoisier as a traitor. Later Robespierre was known as a tyrant, which made him lose his power in France.

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Facts about Lavoisier 9: the death of Lavoisier

On 8th May 1794, Lavoisier was guillotined. He was 50 years old at that time.

Facts about Lavoisier

Facts about Lavoisier

Facts about Lavoisier 10: French scientists

Lavoisier is considered as one the notable scientists from France. His name is spotted on Eiffel Tower along with other mathematicians, engineers and scientists.

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