10 Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald

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Let us get the information about the former marine who became the headline after he murdered the US President John F. Kennedy on Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald.  On 22nd November 1963, the president died at the hand of Oswald. As the Kennedy toured by motorcade in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, Oswald shot him. It was based on the one municipal investigation and four Federal government investigations.

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 1: living in Soviet Union

In October 1959, Oswald moved to Soviet Union. Until June 1962, he settled in Minsk. Then he settled in Dallas alongside with his Russian wife, Marina.

Lee Harvey Oswald Facts

Lee Harvey Oswald Facts

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 2: the initial arrest

At first, Oswald was arrested because of the murder of J. D. Tippit.  The police officer was murdered 45 minutes after the president was killed. Then he was convicted shooting the president. However, Oswald denied both.

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Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 3: Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby who was the nightclub owner in Dallas fatally shot Oswald when he was removed to the county jail from the city jail. The shooting was captured in TV camera and broadcasted live.

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 4: the action of Oswald

The conclusion of the Warren Commission stated that Oswald did it alone. Oswald shot Kennedy from Texas School Book Depository.

Lee Harvey Oswald Apartment

Lee Harvey Oswald Apartment

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 5: the previous investigations

The previous investigations had been conducted by the Dallas Police Department, Secret Service and FBI, which supported the conclusion of Warren Commission.

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 6: the lone gunman theory

The officials brought the lone gunman theory supported by the eyewitness, ballistic and forensic investigation.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 7: the conspiracy theories

Most American people think that actually Oswald acted with other conspirators to kill the president. There is no need to wonder that many conspiracy theories occur.

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Oswald was located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Some people considered him as a temperamental and withdrawn person when Oswald was a child.

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Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 9: joining the Marine

Oswald decided to join the marine corps when was 17 years old. He never had any high school diploma for he quit school.

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald

Facts about Lee Harvey Oswald 10: reading ability

Oswald had great level of reading ability even though he was poor in spelling.

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