10 Facts about Legalizing Weed

Post On: December 21, 2016
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Let us get the useful Facts about Legalizing Weed by reading the whole post below. Weed or cannabis is legal or not depending on the jurisdiction. Some countries may prohibit the usage of cannabis, but others may legalize it. In the end of 1930, cannabis prohibition was applied. Therefore, possessing cannabis is considered as an illegal act. It will be legal for the people to have weed in Canada for the legalization about it will be passed in the following year.

Facts about Legalizing Weed 1: Uruguay

The first country in the world, which legalizes the distribution, cultivation and sale of weed, is Uruguay. The legal activities have begun since December 10, 2013.

Legalize Cannabis

Legalize Cannabis

Facts about Legalizing Weed 2: weed in the Netherland

Even though weed is illegal in the Netherlands, this activity is not punishable. However, some rules are set up in the nation.

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Facts about Legalizing Weed 3: the federal law in US

Cannabis possession and sale in United States are prohibited by the federal law. However, the legality of cannabis is seen from the jurisdiction in United States during the Obama’s administration.

Facts about Legalizing Weed 4: the medicinal usage

In some countries in the world, cannabis is legally used as a medicine. The countries include Israel, the Czech Republic and Canada.

Legalizing Weed

Legalizing Weed

Facts about Legalizing Weed 5: medical cannabis in United States

As of December 2016, 29 states in US legalize the usage of medical cannabis.

Facts about Legalizing Weed 6: the penalties

The penalties related to the possession of cannabis are available in various degrees. It can be severe or just lenient.

Facts about Legalizing Weed

Facts about Legalizing Weed

Facts about Legalizing Weed 7: the recreational use

Some countries focus more on the law related to the recreational usage of cannabis.

Facts about Legalizing Weed 8: the amount of possessed cannabis

The person who possesses a small quantity of cannabis usually has lessened penalties. Some countries decide to fine them rather than to put them in jail.

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Facts about Legalizing Weed 9: the frequent users

The frequent users of cannabis are not imprisoned in some jurisdictions. The courts punish them to follow the mandatory treatment program to reduce the addiction level.

Legalizing Weed

Legalizing Weed

Facts about Legalizing Weed 10: the possession of cannabis in Asian countries

In most parts of Asia like Southeast Asia and East Asia, the possession of cannabis may lead into the long life sentences or even execution.

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