10 Facts about Law Enforcement

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The system used to enforce the law in the society is explained on facts about law enforcement. The people who violate the laws, rules or norms in the society will be discovered, deterred, rehabilitated or even imprisoned.  The courts and prisons are always the important parts in law enforcement process. The people who conduct the criminal activity will be investigated and follow trials. Let us get other interesting facts about law enforcement by reading the following post below:

Facts about Law Enforcement 1: the police

The police are a part of the law enforcement agency that have to discover the criminal activities.

Law Enforcement Pic

Law Enforcement Pic

Facts about Law Enforcement 2: their concern

The punishment and prevention of crimes are considered as the concerns of the law enforcement. The investment of law enforcement is high for it has to hire the professional people to deal with the crimes.

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Facts about Law Enforcement 3: the operation of law enforcement agencies

A specified jurisdiction limits the operation or activities of law enforcement agencies. However, the jurisdiction may overlap. Each state in America has their own law enforcement agency. However, a particular crime, which takes place in any state of US, can be handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Facts about Law Enforcement 4: internal law enforcement

The internal law enforcement is also spotted in particular organizations. For instance, the military police operates within the military organizations.

Law Enforcement Facts

Law Enforcement Facts

Facts about Law Enforcement 5: LEA

The government agency, which has the role for enforcing the law in North American English, is called LEA. It stands for law enforcement agency.

Facts about Law Enforcement 6: the terms

The term to call the law enforcement agency is varied depending on the countries or regions. The term police is often used in the countries outside North America. The people in North America call their law enforcement agency as sheriff department or police.  The word bureau is often used in United States to call their police services.

Law Enforcement and Court

Law Enforcement and Court

Facts about Law Enforcement 7: the multinational law enforcement agency

A multinational law enforcement agency is also available. The members are from various countries in the world but it only operates in one country.

Facts about Law Enforcement 8: Interpol

Interpol is an example of multinational law enforcement agency.

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Facts about Law Enforcement 9: the levels of law enforcement

The multiple levels of law enforcement are noted in United States, which include the Village, Town, City, State and Federal.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Facts about Law Enforcement 10: the Metropolitan Police in UK

There are 32 Borough Operational Command Units in the Metropolitan Police of United Kingdom.

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