10 Facts about Law

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The following facts about law will tell the readers about a system of rules applied in a particular society. The main function is governing the behavior of its citizens. Who makes the law? A single legislator or collective legislatures may create the laws. There are several factors, which affect the formation of laws. They include the rights encoded within the laws, the tacit and constitutions.

Facts about Law 1: the importance of laws

Laws are very important in the society for it may function as the mediator of people. The society, history, economics and politics are heavily influenced by the laws.

Law Pic

Law Pic

Facts about Law 2: the differences of civil law jurisdictions and common law systems

The binding law is made by the precedent of the judge in the common law system. The laws are codified and consolidated by the legislature in the civil law jurisdiction. The examples of the latter one include the socialist law and Catholic canon law.

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Facts about Law 3: religious laws

The secular matters are often settled by applying the religious laws. The most widely used religious law is Islamic Sharia law.

Facts about Law 4: the primary areas of laws

The Civil Law and Criminal Law are the two primary divisions of laws in the world.

Law India

Law India

Facts about Law 5: the differences of civil laws and criminal laws

When there is a dispute between organizations and individuals, the civil laws are applied. On the other hand, the criminal laws apply when a person or a group of people conducts harmful activities, which may endanger the social order. The fines or imprisonment will be applied on the guilty party.

Facts about Law 6: rich sources for the scholars

The scholars interested to learn more about the legal economics, philosophy, history and sociology should check laws for it provides the rich sources for them.



Facts about Law 7: the complicated issues

Justice, fairness and equality are some of the complicated issues in laws. The laws have been viewed differently by the scholars. Still, it is considered as one of the important institutions in the world.

Facts about Law 8: the development of civilization

The development of civilization in the world is always associated with the history laws. A civil code of ancient Egyptian law contained 12 books. It was traced back in 3000 BC.

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Facts about Law 9: King Hammurabi

The law of King Hammurabi is very famous in the world. The law was inscribed on a stone in 1760 BC.  It was also made in some copies called Codex Hammurabi.

Facts about Law

Facts about Law

Facts about Law 10: Constitution of India

You can find 117,369 words, 12 schedules, 444 articles and various amendments in Constitution of India.

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