10 Facts about Mapp vs Ohio

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Why don’t you look at facts about Mapp vs Ohio to notice the famous landmark case in criminal procedure? The case was held in 1961. This case is a notable one for it protects the people from the unreasonable searches and seizures. The violation of the fourth Amendment was spotted according to the evidence. This case was brought to the US Supreme Court. Let us talk about Mapp vs Ohio below:

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 1: who is Mapp?

When we talk about Mapp vs Ohio case, we should never forget about the professional and personal life of Mapp. She worked in illegal gambling rackets. Shon Birns was the kingpin who controlled gambling market in Cleveland.

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 2: an anonymous phone call

An anonymous phone call was received by police officers in Cleveland, Ohio on 23rd May 1957, which stated that illegal betting slips and equipment “California Gold” numbers operation and Virgil Ogletree were located in the house of Mapp.

Facts about mapp vs ohio

Facts about mapp vs ohio

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 3: a search warrant

Three officers came to Mapp’s house. They wanted to enter the house. Since the officers did not have a search warrant, she rejected them.

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 4: the response of the officers

One officer was across the street to watch her house. The other two decided to leave the house.

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Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 5: three hours later

Mapp was surprised for three hours later; her door was knocked by the police. Four cars of police officers were in front of her house. They forced the door when she did not answer their call.

mapp vs ohio Facts

mapp vs ohio Facts

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 6: a piece of paper

The police showed her a piece of paper when she wanted to see the warrant. She took it from the officer and put it inside her dress.

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Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 7: the evidence

The alleged search warrant was taken from Mapp again. During the court session, it was not shown.

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 8: searching the house

Ogletree was found at the apartment. Moreover, the California Gold betting slips were also found there. They also discovered phonographic pictures and books.

mapp vs ohio

mapp vs ohio

Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 9: prosecution

During the trial, Mapp was found guilty for the book possession. She believed that the books should not be used as evidence because they were collected without warrant.

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Facts about Mapp vs Ohio 10: the Supreme Court

Mapp took her case to the Supreme Court, which supported her.

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