10 Facts about Leinster

Post On: December 23, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Leinster discuss a province located at the east of Ireland. The three ancient kingdoms of Leinster, Osraige and Mide are included in the present day area of Leinster. Ireland was invaded by the Normans in 12th century. The invasion led into unification of Mide and Leinster. Several counties were established in the ancient kingdoms so that they could do easier judicial and administration. Let us get other interesting facts about Leinster below:

Facts about Leinster 1: the function of Leinster in Ireland

In Ireland, the province of Leinster is considered as an official subdivision. The county sub-division code that it has is IE-L. The province code for Leinster is ISO 3166-2.

Leinster House

Leinster House

Facts about Leinster 2: the inhabitants

According to 2016 census, Leinster is a home of 2,630,720 inhabitants. Therefore, it takes the record as the most populous province in Ireland.

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Facts about Leinster 3: the flag of Leinster

Have you ever seen the flag of Leinster? It is unique. The backdrop of the flag is in dark green tone with a golden harp image.

Facts about Leinster 4: the smaller area

The history of Leinster was traced back in the Gaelic Kingdom of Leinster. It had smaller area than the present day Leinster. The Viking cities like Dublin and Wexford, Osraige and Meath were not included in the Kingdom of Leinster.

Leinster Map

Leinster Map

Facts about Leinster 5: the name of Leinster

The name Leinster was taken from the word Laigin and tir. The region was once occupied by the major tribe called Laigin. The word tir means territory or land for it is taken from the Irish or Old Norse word.

Facts about Leinster 6: the unification of Leinster tribes

The tribes who live in Leinster were united by Hugony the Great or Úgaine Mór.

Facts about Leinster

Facts about Leinster

Facts about Leinster 7: the possible candidate for the king

In 7th century, it was believed that Hugony the Great was likely the first historical king of Leinster or king of Laigin.

Facts about Leinster 8: the establishment of Kingdom of Laigin

The Kingdom of Laigin was re-established by Cathair Mor circa 175 or 185 AD after the civil wars broke out in Ireland.

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Facts about Leinster 9: the language

Leinster has at least 40,000 Irish speakers. However, English is considered as the most common spoken language in the country.

Leinster Flag

Leinster Flag

Facts about Leinster 10: sporting organization

Leinster GAA, Leinster Cricket Union and Leinster Rugby are some sporting organizations in Leinster.

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