10 Facts about Leicester

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A city located at the county town of Leicestershire is explained on Facts about Leicester. The location of the city is at the border of National Forest. You can spot River Soar in the city. In the East Midlands region, it is considered as the most populous municipality in 2011. It was inhabited by 330,000 people. Let us get other interesting facts about Leicester below:

Facts about Leicester 1: the strategic location

Leicester has a strategic location because the two primary railway lines are located at its intersection. The railway lines are the east/west Birmingham and the north/south Midland Main Line.

Leicester Beauty

Leicester Beauty

Facts about Leicester 2: the history of Leicester

The history of Leicester can be traced back for two millennia before. Therefore, it earns the status as one of the oldest cities in England.

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Facts about Leicester 3:  the old settlement

The Romans had seen the native settlement dated back in Iron Age. It was believed that the settlement was developed in the second or first centuries BC.

Facts about Leicester 4: the arrival of the Romans

In AD 47, Romans came to Leicester where they tried to take over southern Britain. The city had a bathhouse and forum in the second century.

Leicester Memorial

Leicester Memorial

Facts about Leicester 5: Roman cemetery

The Roman cemetery created during AD 300 was discovered in 2013. The location of the site is outside the old city walls.

Facts about Leicester 6: Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey is famous in the history of Tudor Dynasty. She became the Queen of England for nine days. The birthplace of this executed queen was at Bradgate Park, nearby Leicester.

Leicester Old

Leicester Old

Facts about Leicester 7: connection with other cities

Leicester was connected to Birmingham and London after Grand Union Canal was constructed in 1790s.

Facts about Leicester 8: the national network

Leicester was connected with the national network in 1840 after the introduction of the Midland Counties Railway.

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Facts about Leicester 9: the increase of population

The population in the city was increased from 68 000 to 212 000 in 1861 until 1901.

Facts about Leicester

Facts about Leicester

Facts about Leicester 10: the major employers

The main employers in Leicester were the footwear, textile and hosiery industries. The companies included the Cooperative Boot and Shoe Company and N. Corah & Sons. Then the city was improved with the presence of the engineering companies like Martin Street’s Richards & Company and Kent Street’s Taylor & Hubbard.

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