10 Interesting Facts about Leeds

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A city situated in West Yorkshire, England is explained on Interesting Facts about Leeds. The history of Leeds was dated based in the fifth century based on the West Riding of Yorkshire. At that time, Leeds was connected a wooden region in Kingdom of Elmet. In 13th century, Leeds was used to call a small manorial borough. Then it is used to call the today’s metropolitan borough after some incarnations.

Interesting Facts about Leeds 1: wool

The wool production and trade were very notable in Leeds during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Leeds Facts

Leeds Facts

Interesting Facts about Leeds 2: Leeds in Industrial Revolution

During the industrial revolution, wool was still considered as the most notable production after the city was transformed into a major mill town. However, other industries like printing, engineering, flax and iron foundries played significant roles.

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Interesting Facts about Leeds 3: the expansion

Leeds had been expanded in the 16th century after the surrounding areas were included in Leeds. At first, Leeds was only a small market town located on the valley of River Aire. In the mid-20th century, it turned out to be dense urban areas.

Interesting Facts about Leeds 4: the population

In 2011, 757,700 inhabitants lived the metropolitan borough of Leeds. The population of 474,632 was spotted on the primary built up area of Leeds.

Leeds 2012

Leeds 2012

Interesting Facts about Leeds 5: the economy

Compared to all employment centers in Britain, the one with most diverse economy is Leeds. It has 480,000 employment and self-employment.

Interesting Facts about Leeds 6: education

Leeds is also a good place for those who want to pursue higher education for it is a home of four universities.

Leeds Town Hall

Leeds Town Hall

Interesting Facts about Leeds 7: the record

In United Kingdom, Leeds is called as the second largest financial and legal center for the first place is taken by London.

Interesting Facts about Leeds 8: the climate

Leeds has the oceanic climate due to the Pennines and Atlantic Ocean. It has moderate rainfalls during the summer seasons. The winter season is frosty, snowy and chilly. The warmest month in the city is in July.

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Interesting Facts about Leeds 9: the business ventures in Leeds

Leeds is a home to various business ventures. More than 6,700 people work for the 150 law firms in the city.

Facts about Leeds

Facts about Leeds

Interesting Facts about Leeds 10: the shopping centers

Leeds has many shopping centers. Trinity Leeds was opened on 21st, March 2013. Victoria Gate was another shopping center in the city opened on October 20, 2016.

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