10 Facts about Lahore

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Let us check the capital of Punjab, a Pakistani province on Facts about Lahore. Have you come to Lahore before?  This city is very populous even though it is not the most populous one in the country. Karachi is the most populous one. The location of this city is closer to the Indian border.  The estimated GDP of Lahore as of 2014 was of $58.14 billion. That is why it earns the status as one of the richest cities in Pakistan.

Facts about Lahore 1: the Punjabi City

Lahore earns the status as the largest Punjabi city in the world.  The center of Punjabi historic culture is located in Lahore.



Facts about Lahore 2: the history of Lahore

When talking about the history of Lahore, it will take you back in the past. It was controlled under different rulers. Lahore was selected as the capital for several years when Mughal Empire ruled the area. Others, which ruled Lahore before, included the Delhi Sultanate, Ghaznavids and Hindu Shahis.

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Facts about Lahore 3: the independence movement

Once, India and Pakistan were under the British rule. The independence movement of both countries was conducted in Lahore. The city witnesses two important events. One is the Indian declaration of independence. The other is the formation of Pakistan. Then Lahore was selected as the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan.

Facts about Lahore 4: the importance of Lahore today

Lahore is an important city in Pakistan today. It is called as the center of education, literature, film industry, education, publishing industry, and Qawwali music.

shalimar garden lahore

shalimar garden lahore

Facts about Lahore 5: tourism

Tourism is flourished in Lahore. Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens are interesting places to visit when you are in the city. Both are included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Facts about Lahore 6: other interesting places to visit

The Badshahi and Wazir Khan Mosques, the old Walled City, Gul Begam’s Tomb, Khawaja Mehmud’s Shrine, Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh, Lahore Museum, and Dai Anga Mosque are the amazing places to visit.

sher singh lahore

sher singh lahore

Facts about Lahore 7: the GDP by PPP

The GDP by PPP of Lahore was $40 billion as of 2008. It accounted for 13.2 percent of national economy of Pakistan.

Facts about Lahore 8: the economy

The source of economy in Lahore is moving to service industries from manufacturing. The people are employed in various sectors such as cultural, community, banking, financial, and real estate services.

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Facts about Lahore 9: computer

The largest software and hardware production in Pakistan is located in Lahore.

facts about lahore

facts about lahore

Facts about Lahore 10: the center of publication

Lahore contributes to 80 percent of the books published in Pakistan.

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