10 Facts about Limpopo

Post On: January 27, 2017
By: Agustina

The northernmost province of South Africa is explained on Facts about Limpopo.  The northern and western border of the province is occupied by Limpopo River. That is why the province is called Limpopo. The meaning of Limpopo is strong gushing waterfalls. It was taken from the Northern Sotho language. Polokwane is the capital of Limpopo. In the past, the capital is called Pietersburg. Let us get other interesting facts about Limpopo below:

Facts about Limpopo 1: the initial name

The Northern Transvaal was the former name of the province.  It was established in 1994. Then it was called Northern Province until 2003. Then it was renamed into Limpopo.

Facts about Limpopo

Facts about Limpopo

Facts about Limpopo 2: Mapungubwe

Mapungubwe was considered as the alternate name of Limpopo where gold has been discovered in the area.

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Facts about Limpopo 3: poverty

Poverty is considered as a major social issue in Limpopo. Almost 78.9 percent of the inhabitants lived below the poverty line.  The traditional area of the province was inhabited by 74.4 percent of the people in 2011. The gap between the rich and poor is very notable.

Facts about Limpopo 4: language

Almost 50 percent of the people who live in Limpopo speak the Northern Sotho language.

Limpopo Facts

Limpopo Facts

Facts about Limpopo 5: a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Limpopo earns the title as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to the massif, which covers the area of 5,800 square miles or 15,000 km square. It contains the Bushveld.

Facts about Limpopo 6: the premier of Limpopo

Stanley Mathabatha is the recent premier of Limpopo. He is also the representative of African National Congress.

Limpopo Map

Limpopo Map

Facts about Limpopo 7: agriculture

Agriculture is still an important source of economy for the people in Limpopo. The province is a home of a game hunting in South Africa. The beef cattle industry is found in bushveld.  The people in Bela-Bela and Modimolle areas cultivate various agricultural products such as peanuts, maize, table grapes, cotton and sunflowers.

Facts about Limpopo 8: the tropical fruits

The locals in the Tzaneen and Louis Trichardt areas grow various kinds of tropical fruits such as pawpaws, mangoes, pineapples, citrus, litchis and bananas.

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Facts about Limpopo 9: mining

Another important sector is mining industry for the province contains various mineral deposits  such as  iron ore, platinum, copper, diamonds, coal, chromium, silicon, emeralds and many more.



Facts about Limpopo 10: tourism

Besides the agribusiness and mining, tourism is also important for economy in Limpopo.  Almost five percent of the foreign tourists in the country stayed in Limpopo in 2008.

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