10 Fun Facts about Liberia

Post On: January 5, 2017
By: Agustina

The country, which means Land of the Free, is explained on Facts about Liberia. The name is derived from Latin. The official name is Republic of Liberia. The location of Liberia is on the West African coast. It is inhabited by 4,503,000 people. It covers 43,000 square miles or 111,369 sq km. Let us check other interesting facts about Liberia below:

Facts about Liberia 1: the official language

The official language of Liberia is English. The people also speak the indigenous languages. More than 95 percent of the people in Liberia come from a number of tribes.



Facts about Liberia 2: Monrovia

Monrovia is called as the largest city in Liberia. It also serves as the capital city.

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Facts about Liberia 3: the coastline

The coastline of Liberia also features forests where you can find the mangrove trees. The forest and dry grasslands are found in the inland.

Facts about Liberia 4: the climate

The rainy season occurs in May to October. The remaining days of the year are mostly filled with harsh harmattan winds.

Liberia Politics

Liberia Politics

Facts about Liberia 5: rubber production

The rubber production played an important part in the beginning of twentieth century.

Facts about Liberia 6: the independence

On 26th July 1847, Liberia declared its independence. The ACS or American Colonization Society tried to live in Liberia because they thought that the African land would give better opportunities to get freedom than in the American soil.

Liberia King

Liberia King

Facts about Liberia 7: Liberia during the Second World War

Liberia gave their support for United States during the Second World War against Germany. Since US was helped in the effort, Liberia earned investment in term of infrastructure from United States.

Facts about Liberia 8: the political instability

The long political instability is spotted in Liberia since the death of William R. Tolbert. His leadership was overthrown due to the military coup in 1980. The economy of the country was damaged. Moreover, a half million people were displaced from the country. Even though Liberia has been recovered, almost 85 percent of the inhabitants still live below the international poverty line.

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Facts about Liberia 9: an Ebola virus epidemic

An Ebola virus epidemic was the primary threat of the political and economic stability in the country in 2010s. In March 2014, the virus spread to Liberia from its origin in Guinea. On 8 May 2015, the epidemic ended.

Facts about Liberia

Facts about Liberia

Facts about Liberia 10: the division of Liberia

Liberia has 15 counties divided into 90 districts. Then it will be divided again into clans.

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