10 Fun Facts about Maldives

Post On: April 26, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with the Fun Facts about Maldives in the following post below.  This island is located in South Asia. It has the official name Republic of Maldives. The territory covers 115 square miles or 298 sq km of area.  The island country is only a home for 393,500 people. The central location of Maldives is located in Male. It serves as the capital of island country. People often call it as King’s Island. Let us check other interesting facts about Maldives by reading the article:

Fun Facts about Maldives 1: the ground level elevation

The ground level elevation of Maldives is measured at 4 feet 11 inches or 1.5 metres above the sea elevation. That is why; Maldives is called as the lowest country in the world.

Fun Facts about Maldives 2: the highest natural point

The highest natural point in Maldives is only measured at 7 feet 10 inches or 2.4 metres.

Facts about Maldives

Facts about Maldives

Fun Facts about Maldives 3: the carbon-neutral program

The carbon neutral program will be initiated by the government of Maldives to decrease the risk of having sea levels rising.

Fun Facts about Maldives 4: the culture and history

The culture and history of Maldives have always been linked with Indian subcontinent dated back since the 4th century BCE.

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Fun Facts about Maldives 5: the cultural relation with Asia and Africa

Maldives established the cultural and commercial relationship with Africa and Asia after it was controlled under a sultanate in 12th century.

Maldives After Tsunami

Maldives After Tsunami

Fun Facts about Maldives 6: European influence

Maldives was heavily influenced by the European people in 16th century. In 1887, it became the British protectorate. In 1965, it gained independence. In 1968, Maldives became a presidential Republic. A decade after its independence, the people in Maldives had to deal with climate change, democratic reform and political instability.

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Fun Facts about Maldives 7: organization

Maldives has followed various international organizations such as the Non Aligned Movement, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

Fun Facts about Maldives 8: the economic activities

Tourist industry is flourished in Maldives.  In the past, the people focused more on fishing activity to gain cash.

Maldives Sunset

Maldives Sunset

Fun Facts about Maldives 9: tourism

Tourism in Maldives made up 28 percent of the total GDP. The second source is fishing industry.

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Fun Facts about Maldives 10: the traditional cottage industry

Due to the increase of tourism, the traditional industries in the country are boosted. The coir rope making, handicraft, lacquer work and mat weaving are important sources of economy for the locals.

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