10 Facts about Marshall Islands

Post On: June 12, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Marshall Islands talk about an island country in the Pacific Ocean.  The official name is Republic of the Marshall Islands. The country is included in the list of Micronesian island ground.  According to the 2011 census, it was a home for 53,158 inhabitants. The country consists of 1,156 islands and islets. The capital of Marshall Islands is located on Majuro. It was a home for 27,797 people. Let us get other interesting facts about Marshall Islands below:

Facts about Marshall Islands 1: the settlement

In the second millennium BC, Marshall Islands were occupied by the Micronesian colonies. They employed the traditional stick charts to navigate from one island to another island.

Facts about Marshall Islands 2: the European exploration

In 1520s, the Europeans made their first exploration to Marshall Islands. In August 1526, an atoll in the archipelago was sighted by Alonso de Salazar. He was an explorer from Spain.

Marshall Islands Facts

Marshall Islands Facts

Facts about Marshall Islands 3: John Marshall

In 1788, John Marshall visited the islands. He was a British explorer whose name used to call the island country.

Facts about Marshall Islands 4: the local inhabitants

The local inhabitants call the islands as jolet jen Anij. In English, it was translated as Gifts from God.

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Facts about Marshall Islands 5: the service economy

The primary source of economy in Marshall Islands is from the service economy. The remaining ones are gained from agriculture and fishing. The gross domestic product is mainly represented from the US aid. The currency of Marshall Islands is US dollar.

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

Facts about Marshall Islands 6: the inhabitants

The inhabitants of Marshall Islands are mostly the descendants of Marshallese people. However, you can also spot the immigrants from Pacific Islands, Philippines, China and US that make up a small portion of the island’s population.

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Facts about Marshall Islands 7: the official language

The people speak two official languages. Both are English and Marshallese.

Facts about Marshall Islands 8: a shark sanctuary

A shark sanctuary was planned by the government in October 2011, which would cover 772,000 square miles or 2,000,000 sq km of area. It became the largest one globally.

Facts about Marshall Islands

Facts about Marshall Islands

Facts about Marshall Islands 9: climate

In May to November, the people experience a wet season in Marshall Island. In December to April, it has dry season.

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Facts about Marshall Islands 10: the environmental program

The sea level rise is considered as the primary environmental program for the people in Marshall Islands due to its low elevation.

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