10 Fun Facts about Malta

Post On: May 4, 2017
By: Agustina

The Southern European island country is elaborated on Fun Facts about Malta. Malta is located nearby other countries like Libya, Tunisia and Italy. The official name is Republic of Malta. It is only home of for 450,000 people. It covers the area of 122 square miles or 316 kilometer square. Valletta serves as the capital of Malta.

Fun Facts about Malta 1: language

The official language is English. Maltese is considered as the national language.

Fun Facts about Malta 2: the strategic location

Malta has a strategic location. It sits at the center of Mediterranean Sea. Over the course of the history, it had been used as a naval base by the Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Normans and Moors.

Air Malta

Air Malta

Fun Facts about Malta 3: the World War 2

Due to the bravery of people in Malta during the World War 2, George Cross was awarded the country in 1942 by King George VI of UK. The national flag of Malta features the George Cross.

Fun Facts about Malta 4: independence

It was known as a state of Malta in 1964 until 1974 after it became an independent sovereign Commonwealth realm. British Parliament in 1964 marked the independence of Malta. The head of state was Elizabeth II.

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Fun Facts about Malta 5: a republic country

In 1974, Malta became a republic country. It is still a member of Commonwealth of Nations though it was not a Commonwealth realm.

Facts about Malta

Facts about Malta

Fun Facts about Malta 6: the international organization

In 1964, Malta became a member of United Nations. In 2004, it followed European Union.  It has been a member of Eurozone since 2008.

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Fun Facts about Malta 7: tourism

Tourism is one of the important economic sources in Malta. The warm climate and wonderful beaches make the tourists visit Malta.

Fun Facts about Malta 8: the top attractions

Malta is a home to various historical and architectural monuments. It also has a number of recreational areas.  The oldest buildings and structures in Malta include seven Megalithic Temples and Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum.

Malta Airport

Malta Airport

Fun Facts about Malta 9: economy

According to IMF or International Monetary Fund, Malta has advanced economy. Tobacco, cotton and shipyard industries were important until 1800. The crisis of economy took place in 1940s.

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Fun Facts about Malta 10: the present-day economy

The present-day economy of Malta is centered on foreign trade, tourism and limestone production.

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