10 Fun Facts about Malawi

Post On: April 25, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with Fun Facts about Malawi. This landlocked country is situated in southeast Africa. It has the official name of Republic of Malawi. In the past, the country was called Nyasaland. It shares border with other countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. According to an estimation made in July 2013, it was a home for 16,777,547 people. It spans on the area of 45,560 square miles or 118,000 kilometer square.

Fun Facts about Malawi 1: the largest city

The largest city in Malawi is Lilongwe. It also serves as the capital of Malawi. Blantyre and Mzuzu are the second and third largest cities in Malawi. The old capital of Malawi, Zomba is the fourth largest city.

Fun Facts about Malawi 2: the name of the country

The name of the country is taken from the old name of the people who occupied in the region. They were the Nyanja people called as the Maravi.

Facts about Malawi

Facts about Malawi

Fun Facts about Malawi 3: the area

Malawi is a not a big country. In Africa, it is the smallest one. Almost a third area of Malawi is occupied by Lake Malawi.

Fun Facts about Malawi 4: in 10th century

In 10th century, the Bantu groups migrated to Malawi. The British people colonized the area in 1891. It earned the status as a protectorate of UK known as Nyasaland in 1953.

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Fun Facts about Malawi 5: an independent country

The protectorate status had not been applied anymore since 1964 for Malawi earned their independence.

Malawi Peter Mutharika

Malawi Peter Mutharika

Fun Facts about Malawi 6: one-party state

Talking about its politics and government, Hastings Banda became the president until 1994 with its one-party state. The current president is Arthur Peter Mutharika. Today, this country has multi-party government and applies democracy.

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Fun Facts about Malawi 7: the economy

The economy of Malawi is centered on the agriculture for those who inhabit the rural areas. There is no need to wonder that Malawi is included in the least-developed country in the world.

Fun Facts about Malawi 8: challenges

The government of Malawi tries hard to have improvement in the environmental protection, healthcare and education.

Malawi Plants

Malawi Plants

Fun Facts about Malawi 9: health sector

Do you know the high infant mortality and low life expectancy occur in Malawi? The cases of HIV/AIDS in the country are high.

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Fun Facts about Malawi 10: Lilongwe

Lilongwe is a home for more than 500,000 individuals.

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