Top 10 Facts about Lithuania

Post On: February 13, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lithuania impress us with the detail information about a country located in Northern Europe.  The official name is Republic of Lithuania. Lithuania sits to the east of Sweden and Denmark. It is included as one of the Baltic States. Vilnius is the largest and capital city of Lithuania. As of 2015, Lithuania had been a home for 2.9 million people. Check other interesting facts about Lithuania below:

Facts about Lithuania 1: languages

Lithuanian is the official language in the country.  All Lithuanians are included as the Baltic people.

Facts about Lithuania

Facts about Lithuania

Facts about Lithuania 2: the Baltic tribes

Talking about the history of Lithuania, various Baltic tribes had inhabited the southeastern parts of Baltic Sea.

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Facts about Lithuania 3: the brief history of Lithuania

The King of Lithuania, Mindaugas united the Lithuanian lands in 1230s. On 6 July 1253, the Kingdom of Lithuania was founded from the unified lands of Lithuania.

Facts about Lithuania 4: the largest country

The title of the largest country in Europe was taken by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th century. The former territories in the Grand Duchy included parts of Poland and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and modern-day Lithuania.

Lithuania Images

Lithuania Images

Facts about Lithuania 5: the international organization

Lithuania is a member of various international organizations such as Eurozone, Council of Europe, European Union, NATO and Schengen Agreement.

Facts about Lithuania 6: the human development index

The very high human development index is spotted in Lithuania. In the Ease of Doing Business Index, Lithuania is placed at No.21.

Lithuania Pic

Lithuania Pic

Facts about Lithuania 7: the covered area and geography

Lithuania spans on the area of 25,200 square miles or 65,200 km square. The sandy coastline is around 61.5 miles or 99 km. The Nemunas River is the largest and primary river in Lithuania. The international shipping takes place a number of the river’s tributaries. The landscape is a combination of moderate highlands and lowlands. It is smooth due to the glaciers of the last ice age.

Facts about Lithuania 8: the geographical features

Almost 33 percent of Lithuania is covered by the mixed forest zone. It also inhabited by the wetlands and various lakes.

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Facts about Lithuania 9: the highest point

The highest point in Lithuania is located at Aukštojas Hill located at the eastern area. It has the height of 965 feet or 294 meters.

Lithuania Facts

Lithuania Facts

Facts about Lithuania 10: climate

Lithuania has mild climate for it is a combination of continental and maritime climate.

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