10 Fun Facts about Liechtenstein

Post On: January 9, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Liechtenstein inform us with a microstate located in Central Europe. Most people who live in the landlocked state speak German. The official name is Principality of Liechtenstein. The Prince of Liechtenstein is the leader of this constitutional monarchy. Principality is considered as his rank. It is a house of 37,000 people. The area covered by Liechtenstein is measured at 62 sq miles or 160 sq km. To the east and north, you will spot Austria as its border. Switzerland is spotted to the west. Let us get other interesting facts about Liechtenstein in the following post below:

Facts about Liechtenstein 1: the division in Liechtenstein

Schaan is the largest municipality of Liechtenstein. Vaduz is the capital. It has 11 municipalities.

Facts about Liechtenstein

Facts about Liechtenstein

Facts about Liechtenstein 2: the unemployment rate

It seems that the people live well in Liechtenstein because the unemployment rate is very small at 1.5 percent.

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Facts about Liechtenstein 3: the landscape

Liechtenstein is included as one of the top winter sport destinations in the world due to the major mountainous landscape. It earns the status as an alpine country.

Facts about Liechtenstein 4: the financial center

Vaduz is the home of the financial center in Liechtenstein.  The Unterland and Oberland feature the small farms and cultivated fields.

Franz I von Liechtenstein

Franz I von Liechtenstein

Facts about Liechtenstein 5: Liechtenstein and the First World War

The First World War affected economy of Liechtenstein for it was closely associated with Austrian Empire and Austria-Hungary. This country had to make a monetary union with Switzerland because of the devastated economy caused by the First World War.

Facts about Liechtenstein 6: Prince of Liechtenstein

In 1929 until 1938, Prince of Liechtenstein was Franz I. He succeeded the throne at the age of 75.

Liechtenstein Castle

Liechtenstein Castle

Facts about Liechtenstein 7: Liechtenstein in the Second World War

During the Second World War, Liechtenstein decided to be neutral. The country tried to look for guidance and assistance from Switzerland.

Facts about Liechtenstein 8: the tax rate

The tax rate of Liechtenstein was very small in the end of 1970s. It was used to attract the companies to settle in the country.

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Facts about Liechtenstein 9: the lifestyle

Due to the high economy, there is no need to wonder that the people enjoy the high standard of living.



Facts about Liechtenstein 10: the net worth

The net worth of Prince of Liechtenstein is $5 billion. It earned the sixth place of the richest monarch in the world.

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