10 Amazing Facts about Madagascar

Post On: April 10, 2017
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You will be informed with an island located in Indian Ocean on Amazing Facts about Madagascar. In the past, it was called Malagasy Republic.  The island of Madagascar and various smaller islands are included in the nation of Madagascar. The native animals and plants of Madagascar are unique and impressive. The island is isolated because of the breakup between Madagascar from the Indian peninsula. This event was traced back 88 million year ago. That is why; the unique animals and plants in the island are very different from other areas in the world.

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 1: the threat

Though the wildlife is unique, the threat is present due to the environmental issues and growth of human population.

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 2: settlement

The Austronesian people began to settle in Madagascar in 350 BC to AD 550. It was believed that they were from Borneos who reached the island using canoes.

Facts about Madagascar

Facts about Madagascar

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 3: the Bantu Migrants

The Bantu migrants arrived in Madagascar in AD 1000 to join the Austronesian people. They were from East Africa who reached the island by crossing Mozambique Channel. The cultural life of Madagascar people were mixed for the early people who settled in the island.

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 4: the ethnic people

There are at least 18 subgroups of Malagasy ethnic groups. The Merina of central Highlands is the largest subgroup.

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Amazing Facts about Madagascar 5: leadership in Madagascar

Kingdom of Madagascar united all islands in the beginning of 19th century. The Merina nobles became the ruler of the kingdom. In 1897, the kingdom broke down. French colonial empire came and took control of it. In 1960, Madagascar earned their independence.

Madagascar Facts

Madagascar Facts

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 6: the life of independence

Madagascar is a republic after it faced four primary constitutional periods. Antananarivo is the capital city. The constitutional democracy has been employed in Antananarivo since 1992.

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Amazing Facts about Madagascar 7: the president

In 2009, Madagascar faced a popular uprising, which led into the resign of President Marc Ravalomanana. Andry Rajoelina earned his place in March 2009. In January 2014, the restoration of constitutional government took place.

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 8: 2013 election

In 2013 election, Hery Rajaonarimampianina won the presidential office.

Madagascar Woman

Madagascar Woman

Amazing Facts about Madagascar 9: the international organizations

Madagascar has been a member of various international organizations such as Southern African Development Community, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and United Nations.

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Amazing Facts about Madagascar 10: religions

The traditional beliefs are still popular among the people who live in Madagascar. Christianity is also prevalent.

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