10 Fun Facts about Lesotho

Post On: December 30, 2016
By: Agustina

A country, which has the official name of Kingdom of Lesotho, is explained on Facts about Lesotho. South Africa is the only county bordering the landlocked Lesotho. It is a home for more than 2 million people. It covers the land area of 11,583 square miles or 30,000 km square. Maseru is the largest city, which also serves as the capital of Lesotho.

Facts about Lesotho 1: the international organizations

Lesotho takes part in various international organizations. It becomes a member in SADC or Southern African Development Community, the Commonwealth of Nations, and UN.

Facts about Lesotho

Facts about Lesotho

Facts about Lesotho 2: poverty

Poverty is the major issue that the people in the country should deal. The income of 40 percent of the people of Lesotho is only US $1.25 per day.  Such income puts the country below international poverty line.

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Facts about Lesotho 3: the economy

Farming is considered as the major source of economy for most households in Lesotho. Other forms of economy are mining, manufacturing, livestock and agriculture.

Facts about Lesotho 4: the formal sector of employment

There are three kinds of formal sectors for employment in Lesotho. The males usually follow the migrant labor to work in South Africa for three to nine months as miners. The females can be found working in the apparel sector. Others can be seen working for GOL or Government of Lesotho.

Lesotho Facts

Lesotho Facts

Facts about Lesotho 5: the agricultural sector

The agricultural section is pivotal to shape the economy of Lesotho. Half of the people in the country earn their income from the animal husbandry and cultivating crop.

Facts about Lesotho 6: the life expectancy

The life expectancy of the people in Lesotho is only 48.2 years.

Lesotho King

Lesotho King

Facts about Lesotho 7: the HDI

The UNDP classified Lesotho at the 160th place of 187 countries for the Human Development Index. It received the title as one of the countries with Low Human Development.

Facts about Lesotho 8:  the garment industries

Lesotho turns into the largest exporter of garments. Wal-Mart, Timberland, Levi Strauss, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Foot Locker are the retailers and brands from United States who gain their resource from the country.

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Facts about Lesotho 9: the natural resources

The major natural resources in Lesotho include diamonds and water. The Kao, Liqhobong, Mothae and Letseng mines produce the diamonds.

Facts about Lesotho 10: culture

“Lesotho Fatše La Bo-ntata Rona” is the national anthem of the country. The thomo, setolo-tolo and lekolulo are some traditional musical instruments from Lesotho.

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