10 Fun Facts about Lebanon

Post On: December 16, 2016
By: Agustina

Fun Facts about Lebanon inform us with the state located in Western Asia. The official name is Lebanese Republic. It shares border with some countries like Cyprus, Israel, and Syria. Lebanon has amazing ethnic diversity and cultural identity because of its location used as the crossroads between the Arabian hinterland and Mediterranean Basin. Of the mainland Asian continent, Lebanon receives the status as the smallest one. It only covers the area of 4,036 square miles or 10,452 km square. Let us check other interesting facts about Lebanon below:

Fun Facts about Lebanon 1: the history of Lebanon

The Canaanites/Phoenicians inhabited Lebanon circa 1550 until 539 BC. Their kingdoms were associated with the maritime culture.

Lebanon Pic

Lebanon Pic

Fun Facts about Lebanon 2: the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire controlled Lebanon in 64 BC. Christianity dominated the region. The Maronite Church was founded in Mount Lebanon.

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Fun Facts about Lebanon 3: the Ottoman Empire

In 1516 until 1918, the Ottoman Empire controlled Lebanon. The First World War marked the collapse of Ottoman Empire. France began to control Lebanon. In 1943, it earned the independence.

Fun Facts about Lebanon 4: the political system

The political system in Lebanon is unique for it is based on the shared mechanism among the religious communities. The system is called confessionalism.

Lebanon Images

Lebanon Images

Fun Facts about Lebanon 5: the founders of Modern Republic of Lebanon

The founders of modern Republic of Lebanon were the President of Lebanon Bechara El Khoury, the first Lebanese minister of defense Emir Majid Arslan II and the first prime minister Riad El-Solh.

Fun Facts about Lebanon 6: before the civil war

The banking, commerce, agriculture, and tourism were the sources of prosperity of Lebanon before the civil war broke in 1975 until 1990.

Lebanon Facts

Lebanon Facts

Fun Facts about Lebanon 7: Lebanon in 1960s

In 1960s, Lebanon was often dubbed as the Switzerland of the East during its heyday. The title Paris of the Middle East was earned by Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon.

Fun Facts about Lebanon 8: the climate

The summer season is humid and hot. The winter season is relatively cool.

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Fun Facts about Lebanon 9: Lebanese Armed Forces

Lebanese Armed Forces are established for various objectives. The primary one is to defend the country and its citizens from the external invasion or aggression.

Fun Facts about Lebanon

Fun Facts about Lebanon

Fun Facts about Lebanon 10: the number of personnel

The number of personnel on LAF or Lebanese Armed Forces is 72,000 active members.

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