10 Facts about Leonard Bernstein

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Facts about Leonard Bernstein inform us with the renowned America composer. He was born on 25 August 1918 and died on 14 October 1990. He was also known as a pianist, music lecturer, author and conductor.  He received the international acclaim due to his amazing work. In the American history, he was an important conductor. He served as the music director at New York Philharmonic, which earned him a great deal of fame in the future.

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 1: conductor

Bernstein was also known as a conductor who has worked with leading orchestras in the world.

Leonard Bernstein Young

Leonard Bernstein Young

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 2: the music of Bernstein

Bernstein was also known as a famous composer who created different kinds of musical composition such as for solo, chamber, coral music, ballet, film, opera,  and symphonies.

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Facts about Leonard Bernstein 3: appearance on TV

Bernstein also appeared on TV from 1954 until his death in 1990 to give lectures about classical music. He was the first conductor to do it.

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 4: the birthplace of Bernstein

The birthplace of Bernstein was located in Lawrence, Massachusetts. His father was a wholesaler of hairdressing supplies named Samuel Joseph Bernstein. His mother was Jennie.

Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 5: Elmer Bernstein

If you think that Leonard Bernstein and Elmer Bernstein are relatives, you are wrong. Both had similar physical appearance, but they were not related. However, both were good friends.

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 6: the nickname

Leonard was often called as Bernstein East to differentiate him from Elmer who was nicknamed as Bernstein West.

Leonard Bernstein Facts

Leonard Bernstein Facts

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 7: education

In 1935, Bernstein graduated from Boston Latin School. Then he went to Harvard University to learn about music.

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 8: marriage

Bernstein and Felicia Cohn Montealegre married each other on 10th September 1951. His wife was an American actress who was born in Chile.

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Facts about Leonard Bernstein 9: the rumor about his private life

It was revealed by his wife that Bernstein was a homosexual in The Leonard Bernstein Letters. In October 2013, the book was released. The rumor stated that he married to secure his position in the conservative nature of orchestra.

Facts about Leonard Bernstein

Facts about Leonard Bernstein

Facts about Leonard Bernstein 10: the final performance of Bernstein

On 19th August 1990, Bernstein had his last performance with the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood.

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