10 Facts about Lester Horton

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Find out the information about the American dancer, teacher and choreographer on Facts about Lester Horton. Horton was born on 23rd January 1906 and died on November 2nd, 1953. The birthplace of Horton was located in Indianapolis, Indiana. His parents were Pollyanna and Iradell Horton. He watched the tribal dancing performance in Wild West show, which impressed and inspired him to learn about dance. He was amazed with the American Indian culture through the traditional dancing.

Facts about Lester Horton 1: dancing education

Since Horton was interested with American Indian dancing styles, he decided to study some Native Indian tribes such as the Ojibwa, Penobscot, Red River Indians, and Iroquois tribes.

Lester Horton Dancing

Lester Horton Dancing

Facts about Lester Horton 2: studying ballet

Horton was mentored by Theo Hewes, a local teacher in Indianapolis when he learned ballet for two years. He also attended Herron Art Institute.

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Facts about Lester Horton 3: the inspiration

The Denishawn Company inspired Horton after seeing their performance.

Facts about Lester Horton 4: the performance of Horton in California

Horton had his performance on The Song of Hiawatha at the Argus Bowl in California in 1929. He collaborated with Kathleen Stubergh. Both were closed friends. Horton had the job to paint the faces on the window mannequins, while both also generated the wax figures. Stubergh was a sculptress.

Lester Horton

Lester Horton

Facts about Lester Horton 5: working in California

Rather than working in New York City, Horton preferred to work in California. At that time, it was considered as the major dance city.

Facts about Lester Horton 6: Kootenai War Dance

Kootenai War Dance marked the debut of his solo concert choreography in 1931.

Facts about Lester Horton

Facts about Lester Horton

Facts about Lester Horton 7: Los Angeles Olympics

Horton was participated in a performance of Los Angeles Olympics where he also performed the Kootenai War Dance. His show was successful which gained him an invitation to perform at Paramount Theater.

Facts about Lester Horton 8: Lester Horton Dancers

Lester Horton Dancers was a dance company established by Horton in 1932. Then it was known as the Lester Horton California Ballets. Then it was renamed into Horton Dance Group.  The company appeared in a film dubbed as The Lester Horton Dancers.

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Facts about Lester Horton 9: the most notable works of Horton

The Beloved and Salome are considered as the two most notable works of Horton.

Facts about Lester Horton 10: as a choreographer for films

Horton decided to take part as a choreographer for some films to finance his dance companies and school.

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