10 Facts about Life in Mexico

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Facts about Life in Mexico will present the information about a landscape, culture and life of the Mexican people in 19th century. This travel account was written by Fanny Calderon de la Barca. The Scottish writer spent the time in Mexico in October 1839 until February 1842. William Hickling Prescott was the historian who published the travel account in 1843. Let us check other interesting facts about Life in Mexico below:

Facts about Life in Mexico 1: the content of the account

Fanny Calderón wrote 54 letters used as the base for the travel account when he was a sojourn.

Life in Mexico Caste

Life in Mexico Caste

Facts about Life in Mexico 2: the position of Calderón in Mexico

Calderón was an aristocratic lady for her husband was a Spanish diplomat. That is why her immersion to the Mexican culture was unique. The account told her personal point of view and experience when living in the country.

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Facts about Life in Mexico 3: the life of Calderón

The life of Calderón in Mexico was related to her private and public life. It talked about the Mexican landscape, people, politics and culture.

Facts about Life in Mexico 4: the publication

Prescott was a friend of Calderón who urged her to publish the 54 letters into a travel book. At first, Calderón never intended to publish them.

Life in Mexico Images

Life in Mexico Images

Facts about Life in Mexico 5: the role of Prescott

Prescott played an important role for publishing the travel account. His reputation as a historian also increased the authenticity and credibility of Calderón’s book.

Facts about Life in Mexico 6: the first publication of the book

The first publication of Calderón took place in 1843. Prescott published the account in Boston. Charles Dickens, a friend of Prescott published Calderón’s Life in Mexico in London. The book was mostly intended for the English speaking readers.

Facts about Life in Mexico

Facts about Life in Mexico

Facts about Life in Mexico 7: the insights of Calderón’s book

Calderón’s book gives the insights of the class caste in Mexico. It also tells the readers Indian’s perspective. The politics of Mexico were centered on the rise of nationality and chaotic politics.

Facts about Life in Mexico 8: patriarchy

The Mexican life was dominated with patriarchy where Calderon criticized in her book.

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Facts about Life in Mexico 9: religion

Calderon also brought the issue of religion in her book where she again criticized the treatment of women by the Mexican Catholic Church.

Life in Mexico Pic

Life in Mexico Pic

Facts about Life in Mexico 10: the Mexican landscape

Her travel account also depicted the Mexican landscape in 19th century.  To focus on the natural scenery, she went to the mining facilities.

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