10 Facts about Limousin

Post On: January 26, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Limousin present the useful information about a breed of beef cattle. In France, it is called as the Limousine. The origin of the cattle breed was from Marche and Limousin regions, France. In 1960s, a significant number of Limousins were exported to other regions from France. Now these cattle can be found in at least in seventy countries in the world. Check other interesting facts about Limousins in the following post below:

Facts about Limousin 1: the natural breed of Limousins

The natural breed of Limousins has dark golden-red body color or even lighter wheat body color. Most of them have horns.

Facts about Limousin

Facts about Limousin

Facts about Limousin 2: the international breed of Limousins

The black Limousins and the ones without horns are considered as the international breeds of Limousins.

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Facts about Limousin 3: the original usage of Limousins

At first, Limousins were breed for draft animals. Around 200 years ago, they were breed for the source of meat.

Facts about Limousin 4: the herd book of Limousins

In 1886, the first herd book was made in France. The function was to enforce the breed standard so that the improvement for breeding the Limousins was on the record.

Limousin painting

Limousin painting

Facts about Limousin 5: the popularity of Limousins

Limousins had a great deal popularity for various reasons such as the ability of the breed to produce the tender meat, high feed conversion efficiency, yield,  and low birth weights.

Facts about Limousin 6: the crossbreeding

Crossbreeding also took place between Limousins with other breeds such as Shorthorn, Hereford and Angus. It is conducted to improve the amount of marbled meat and fats.



Facts about Limousin 7: the brief history of Limousins

The origin of Limousins was dated back around 2.6 million to 12,000 years ago during the Pleistocene period. At that time, the earth was filled with various megafauna.

Facts about Limousin 8: cave paintings

There is no need to wonder that Limousin has been depicted in various cave paintings. It was discovered in Lascaux.

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Facts about Limousin 9: the genetic relationship

Limousin has a close relationship with Blonde d’Aquitaine, Salers, Bazadais and Gasconne.

Limousin Facts

Limousin Facts

Facts about Limousin 10: the regulation of limousine breed standard

The Limousin breed standard is regulated in France. However, the regulation is not spotted in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and United States.

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