10 Facts about Lindy Hop

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Find out the American dance on Facts about Lindy Hop. In 1920s and 1930s, Lindy hop flourished in Harlem, New York City. The development of Lindy hop was in parallel with the popularity of jazz music.  In the late of 1930s and beginning of 1940s, it was very popular. The period was called the Swing Period. The dance movements of Lindy hop were inspired from the Charleston, breakaway, tap and jazz. Various dances had been used to identify the characteristics of Lindy Hop. Check other interesting facts about Lindy Hop below:

Facts about Lindy Hop 1: the category of Lindy Hop

People often categorize Lindy Hop as a part of a swing dance style. Others dub it as a jazz dancing style.

Facts about Lindy Hop

Facts about Lindy Hop

Facts about Lindy Hop 2: the swingout

The swingout is considered as the basic step of Lindy Hop. It was made by combining the black dance movement with the formal styled European dance. It may be performed in solo or partnered dance.

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Facts about Lindy Hop 3: the open position

The dance will have to be connected hand in hand during the open position of Lindy Hop’s basic step. The leads and follows are employed during the closed position.

Facts about Lindy Hop 4: the revival

In 1980s, people began to have lindy hop revival. The dancers from Oceania, Asia, South America, Europe and North America try to represent Lindy hop.

Lindy hop Facts

Lindy hop Facts

Facts about Lindy Hop 5: as a street dance

Due to the social nature and improvisations, Lindy hop is often nicknamed as a street dance.

Facts about Lindy Hop 6: the name of the dancing style

The dancing style was called Lindy hop after the nickname of Charles Lindbergh. He was a prominent aviator who earned the public attention due to his hopping on the Atlantic in 1927. At that time, he was called Lucky Lindy. He was very popular due to his nonstop flight to reach Paris from New York in that year. His nickname was not only used to call this popular dance. Many people also decide to use his nickname for naming their businesses.

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop

Facts about Lindy Hop 7: the first generation of Lindy Hop

The first generation of Lindy hop was connected with Little Bea, Leroy Stretch Jones and George Snowden.

Facts about Lindy Hop 8: the floor steps

Big Bean and George Snowden mastered the floor steps of Lindy hop. During the dancing competition at the Savoy Ballroom, both won.

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Facts about Lindy Hop 9: Frankie Manning

One of the most celebrated Lindy hoppers in the history was Frankie Manning.

Lindy hop Swing

Lindy hop Swing

Facts about Lindy Hop 10: other important figures

The other pivotal figures in the development of Lindy Hopper are Leon Hames, All Minns and Norma Miller.

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