10 Facts about Line Dancing

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Facts about Line Dancing will tell the readers about a choreographed dance for a group of people. It is called a line dance because the participants will dance in rows or lines to execute the steps and movements in the same direction and time. There will be no physical contact with other dancers for it is different from the circle dance. Line dancing is popular for those who learn and practice dance in ballrooms, dance clubs, social clubs and bars. Let us check other interesting facts about line dancing below:

Facts about Line Dancing 1: the country western dance

Line dancing is often associated with the country western dance. When people want to learn line dancing, they can follow a dance program, which teaches the participants with polka, swing, western promenade dances and two step dances.

Circle Dance

Circle Dance

Facts about Line Dancing 2: the music

Various musical genres have been used to accompany the line dance. They include Latin, jazz, blues, and rhythm, rock and roll, pop, disco, and swing.

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Facts about Line Dancing 3: the line dance in 1950s

In 1950s, the most popular line dance is the Madison. The line dance was defined by the San Francisco Stomp in 1961.

Facts about Line Dancing 4: the relation between line dances and country western music

The country western music and line dance had a close relation. “Cowboy Boogie”, “Walkin’ Wazi” and “Tush Push” were the music written for line dances.

Facts about Line Dancing

Facts about Line Dancing

Facts about Line Dancing 5: line dance in 1970s

In 1970s, line dance was closely related to the disco and electric slide music. The Nutbush is one of the popular line dances in 1970.

Facts about Line Dancing 6: line dance in 1980

In 1980, a number of line dances were created to accompany country songs. The disco dance lines were often adapted into dance line in the early years.

Line Dancing

Line Dancing

Facts about Line Dancing 7: Bill Bader

In October 1990, Bill Bader created choreography for “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”. There were at least 16 lines dances created by The Brooks and Dunn version of this song.

Facts about Line Dancing 8: line dance in 1990

The public began to pay attention on the line dancing in 1990 after the “Achy Breaky Heart” of Billy Ray Cyrus released in 1992.

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Facts about Line Dancing 9: “Swamp Thang”

“Swamp Thang” was a dance hit choreographed by Max Perry in 1994.

Traditional Line Dancing

Traditional Line Dancing

Facts about Line Dancing 10: The Macarena

In the mid-1990, people were in love with Macarena. It featured the line dance.

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