10 Facts about Linen

Post On: February 1, 2017
By: Agustina

If you are always fascinated with textile, read the full Facts about Linen. The fibers of flax plants are used to create this kind of textile.  The linen is very popular in the world. It is one of the most sought after fabrics due to its freshness and coolness when you wear it during the hot summer seasons. Linen is often used to make garments due to its absorbent feature. However, it is not easy to manufacture linen. Let us check other interesting facts about linen to notice:

Facts about Linen 1: the products made of linen

Can you guess the products created from linen? They include towels, chair covers, clothes, bags, aprons, tablecloths, bed linens and napkins. The towels made of linen include the wash towels, beach towels, body towels, hand towels and swimming towels.

Facts about Linen

Facts about Linen

Facts about Linen 2: the origin of linen word

The word linen shared a relationship with West Germanic language. However, it was associated with the Latin word of linum. It is a flax plant used to create the fibers for linen.

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Facts about Linen 3: the terms of linen in English

In English, there are various terms of linen. The straight lined linen created from the linen thread is called line.

Facts about Linen 4: what is linen?

The term linen is not always used to call textiles made of flax fibers. In some cases, people also use the term linen to call the textiles made of non-flax fibers, hemp and cotton.

Linen Pic

Linen Pic

Facts about Linen 5: Madapolam

Madapolam is a term used to call a fabric, which has line styled weaves made of the fine cotton yarn.

Facts about Linen 6: the linens

“The linens” are used to call a class of knitted textiles for kitchen, table, bath and bed.



Facts about Linen 7: the term linen in the past

The lightweight undergarments such as lingerie, waist-shirts and chemises in the past were called linens.

Facts about Linen 8: the history of linen

Linen is not new in the society.  The history can be traced back thousands of years ago. The Swiss lake dwellings featured the fragments of fabrics made of fibers, seeds, yarns and other materials traced back in 8000 BC.

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Facts about Linen 9:  ancient Egypt

The linen was used to present the purity and light. Thus, the ancient Egyptian mummies were wrapped using linen.

Linen Facts

Linen Facts

Facts about Linen 10: the length of flax fiber

The flax fiber has the length of 1 to 6 inches or 25 to 150 mm. The diameter is around 12 to 16 micrometers.

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