10 Facts about Linus Torvalds

Post On: February 3, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Linus Torvalds talk about the software engineer from Finland. Linux kernel is considered as the most notable creation of Torvalds. He was born on 28th December 1969 as Linus Benedict Torvalds. The Chrome OS, Android, and Linux Operating system employed this kernel. The Technology of Academy Finland awarded Torvalds and Shinya Yamanaka with the Millennium Technology Prize in 2012. He also earned IEEE Computer Society Computer Pioneer Award in 2014. Let us check other interesting facts about Linus Torvalds below:

Facts about Linus Torvalds 1: the birthplace of Torvalds

The birthplace of Linus Torvalds was located in Helsinki, Finland.  His parents are Nils and Anna Torvalds. Both work as journalists. In 1960s, his parents were educated at University of Helsinki. They were recognized as campus radicals.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds

Facts about Linus Torvalds 2: the name

His name was inspired from the name of the famous American chemist, Linus Pauling who had won two Nobel Prizes for his peace activism and scientific work.

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Facts about Linus Torvalds 3: the education

In 1988 until 1996, Torvalds was educated at University of Helsinki. He had a master degree on a computer science.

Facts about Linus Torvalds 4: the mandatory military service

Linus followed a mandatory military service for 11 months in the summer of 1989.  His first year of study was interrupted because of this activity.

Facts about Linus Torvalds

Facts about Linus Torvalds

Facts about Linus Torvalds 5: the career in the army

He served as the ballistic calculation officer when he was in the army. His rank was the Second Lieutenant.

Facts about Linus Torvalds 6: the exposure to UNIX

Linus realized about UNIX for the first time in 1990 after he resumed his study at the university.

Linux Mascot

Linux Mascot

Facts about Linus Torvalds 7: the thesis for his master degree

Linux: A Portable Operating System is the title of the master degree’s thesis of Torvalds.

Facts about Linus Torvalds 8: the interest of computer

In 1981, Linus developed his interest to computer with a Commodore VIC-20. He was only 11 years old at that time.

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Facts about Linus Torvalds 9: the stock options

Torvalds was presented with stock options by the key developers of Linux-based software of VA Linux and Red Hat in 1999. He earned around US$20 million.



Facts about Linus Torvalds 10: a mascot

Tux is the name of Torvalds’ personal mascot. It is a penguin. It is also used as Linux kernel’s mascot.

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