10 Facts about Magnetic Levitation

Post On: April 17, 2017
By: Agustina

One of the impressive technologies in the modern world is explained on Facts about Magnetic Levitation. The magnetic field is used to support a suspended object. This technology is also called a magnetic suspension or maglev. Stability and lifting forces are the two notable issues in magnetic levitation. The former one makes sure that the object will stay at its place. It will stay in the configuration without being flipped. The latter one produces the upward force to counteract gravity. Let us check other useful information about magnetic levitation below:

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 1: the application

Magnetic levitation is important in our life. It has been applied in product display, magnetic bearings, contactless melting and maglev trains.

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 2: magnetic materials and systems

The force produced to press or attract magnetic materials and systems are at the hand of the magnetic area and magnetic field.

Facts about Magnetic levitation

Facts about Magnetic levitation

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 3: lift

The lift for magnetic levitation can be produced from all kinds of magnets. The induced currents in the conductors enable the magnetism, superconducting magnet, diamagnetism, ferromagnetism, electromagnets and permanent magnets to generate lift.

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 4: dynamic stability

The vibration-like motion will be damped out by the levitation system if the dynamic stability occurs.

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Facts about Magnetic Levitation 5: how to damp the motion

There are a number of ways used to damp the motion. One of them is by using electronic control electromagnets. Others include eddy current damping, external mechanical damping, and tuned mass dampers.

Magnetic levitation Facts

Magnetic levitation Facts

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 6: the successful levitation

The successful levitation is generated if one stable axis is presented according to theorem of Earnshaw. However, ferromagnetism can be used to stabilize other axes.

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Facts about Magnetic Levitation 7: maglev trains

One of the important applications of magnetic levitation is maglev trains. The EDS and EMS are applied in the train. The former one stands for electrodynamics suspension, while the latter one is electromagnetic suspension.

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 8: the stability

You can promote stability by having a wooden rod or mechanical support in magnetic levitation.

Magnetic levitation

Magnetic levitation

Facts about Magnetic Levitation 9: the positive value

The positive value of magnetic levitation is spotted in maglev trains. The vehicles will be propelled, guides and suspended using this technology. Compared to the wheeled mass transit system, it is smoother, quieter, and faster.

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Facts about Magnetic Levitation 10: the speed

The speed of magnetic levitation can reach 4,000 miles per hour or 6,400 kilometer per hour if it sits at an evacuated tunnel.

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