10 Facts about Linux

Post On: February 2, 2017
By: Agustina

The following post will tell the readers about a Unix-like computer operating system on Facts about Linux.  The distribution and development of this open source software is free. Linus Torvalds released the first operating system kernel called Linux kernel on 17th September 1991. It served as the defining component of Linux. The development of Linux has been linked with some controversy. One of them is related to the name GNU/Linux to call the operating system of the Free Software Foundation. Let us get the complete details about Linux by checking the whole post below:

Facts about Linux 1: the development of Linux

Linux is not only an operating system for it has been developed over the years. It has been developed into other kinds of platforms. At first, the design was created based on the Intel x86 design during its development as a PC or personal computer.

Facts about Linux

Facts about Linux

Facts about Linux 2: the popularity of Linux

If you think that Linux is not popular, you are wrong since it serves as the base for all operating systems with general purposes due to the high popularity of Android on smartphones.

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Facts about Linux 3: the usage of Linux

Linux as an operating system has been used in 2.3 percent of the desktop computers and 99.6 percent of TOP500 supercomputers. Most computers with big iron systems and servers use Linux.

Facts about Linux 4:  the embedded systems

The embedded systems such as television, smartwatches, video game consoles, facility automation controls, network routers, DVR devices and TiVo also employ Linux.

Linux Facts

Linux Facts

Facts about Linux 5: Torvalds

Torvalds took the credit as the creator of Linux. He was interested with an operating system when studying at University of Helsinki in 1991.

Facts about Linux 6: work on his operating system

Torvalds was interested to work on his own operating system kernel due to his desperation with MINIX licensing.

Linux Mascot

Linux Mascot

Facts about Linux 7: kernel into Linux

The kernel then was turned into Linux kernel where he developed it on MINIX. The Linux system featured the Linux kernel development after it was matured.

Facts about Linux 8: the commercial redistribution

The commercial redistribution was prohibited by Torvalds. Thus, it is recognized as a free operating system.

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Facts about Linux 9: the usage of Linux

The big organizations such as NASA decided to adopt Linux to reduce the expense by running Linux on their affordable computers.

Linux Pic

Linux Pic

Facts about Linux 10: the commercial usage

Linux was supported by IBM, Dell and Hewless-Packard for the commercial usage.

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