10 Facts about Lise Meitner

Post On: February 9, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lise Meitner present the information about the famous Austrian-Swedish physicist who was born on November 7th, 1878 and died on October 27th, 1968.  Her notable work was centered on the nuclear physics and radioactivity. In the beginning of 1939, the results related to the discovery of nuclear fission of uranium were published. The discovery was made by a group of scientists led by Otto Hahn and Meitner. Let us get other interesting facts about Lisa Meitner by reading the following post below:

Facts about Lise Meitner 1: the fission process

Meitner and Hahn had realized that both needed a huge release of energy to do the fission process, which may split the atomic nucleus of uranium into two nuclei.

Facts about Lise Meitner

Facts about Lise Meitner

Facts about Lise Meitner 2: the importance of fission process

The fission process is very important for it has been applied as the foundation for making the nuclear weapons. During the Second World War 2, the United States developed the nuclear weapon used to fight Japan in 1945.

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Facts about Lise Meitner 3: the electricity

The electricity can be produced by using the nuclear reactions exploited from the process of nuclear fission.

Facts about Lise Meitner 4: the scientific career

Meitner was a prominent figure at Kaiser Wilhelm Institute where she served as the department head and a physic professor. There is no need to wonder that her scientific career was mostly centered in Berlin, Germany.

Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner

Facts about Lise Meitner 5: an amazing record

As a woman, Meitner earned an amazing status for she is the first woman granted as a full professor in the country.

Facts about Lise Meitner 6: Nazi Germany

The rise of Nazi in Germany affected her career. Due to the anti-Jewish race laws, she had to let go the position at the institute in 1930s.

Lise Meitner Pic

Lise Meitner Pic

Facts about Lise Meitner 7: as a Swedish citizen

Eventually she became a Swedish citizen after living in the country for many years. She decided to relocate to Sweden from Germany due to Nazi.

Facts about Lise Meitner 8: in the later life

In her later life, Meitner was awarded and honored. However, she did not earn Nobel Prize of chemistry for nuclear fission since it was given to Otto Hahn.

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Facts about Lise Meitner 9: the unjust exclusion

The exclusion of Meitner was believed to be unjust since she played an important role on the nuclear fission experiment.

Lise Meitner Facts

Lise Meitner Facts

Facts about Lise Meitner 10: a chemical element

In 1997, a chemical element 109 was named after her, meitnerium.

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