10 Facts about Lisi Harrison

Post On: February 10, 2017
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lisi Harrison will impress us with the professional life of the Canadian-born author.  She was born on 29th July 1970 in Toronto Canada. Her birth name is Elyse E. Gottlieb. Her famous works are the series of The Clique, Alphas and Monster High. She mainly writes the fiction for young adults. Let us find out other interesting facts about Harrison below:

Facts about Lisi Harrison 1: the early years

During her early years, she spent much time living in Toronto along with her sister, brother and parents. Ken Gottlieb and Shaila Gottlieb are Lisi’s parents.

Facts about Lisi Harrison

Facts about Lisi Harrison

Facts about Lisi Harrison 2: the reference of her family

The book entitled A Tale of Two Pretties is dedicated to her sister and brother. On the other, her parents were reference in “Clique” book.

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Facts about Lisi Harrison 3: the early education

Before she was educated at Forest Hill Collegiate, Lisi was enrolled in a Hebrew school until the 9th grade.

Facts about Lisi Harrison 4: the higher education

Lisi was educated in McGill University when she was 18 years old. Therefore, she relocated to Montreal, Quebec after her high school graduation.

Lisi Harrison Facts

Lisi Harrison Facts

Facts about Lisi Harrison 5: writing

Lisi eventually realized that writing was her passion after two years studying film major in the university.

Facts about Lisi Harrison 6: moving to Boston

To pursue writing education, she went to Boston, Massachusetts to study at Emerson College.  She earned a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in creative writing from the college.

Lisi Harrison

Lisi Harrison

Facts about Lisi Harrison 7: living in California

Lisi wanted to live with her family. Therefore, she moved to California and left New York in 2007.  Talking about her personal life, she has two children Luke and Jesse and a husband named Kevin. The family lives in Laguna Beach, California.

Facts about Lisi Harrison 8: working for MTV

Lisi worked for MTV in New York City for 12 years before she was a best-selling author.  The new shows on MTV that Lisi developed included “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and “Room Raiders”.

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Facts about Lisi Harrison 9: The Clique

The Clique is considered as the bestselling series of Lisi inspired from her experience while working on MTV.

Lisi Harrison Image

Lisi Harrison Image

Facts about Lisi Harrison 10: leaving MTV

In June 2004, she decided to leave MTV after her Clique series was sold more than 9 million copies. Therefore, she decided to focus on writing.

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