10 Facts about Little Kelly

Post On: February 15, 2017
By: Agustina
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If you want to know one of the famous YouTube stars, check Facts about Little Kelly. Have you ever heard about her before? She develops a kid friendly channel on YouTube, which attracts at least 1.7 million followers. The kids, teens or even adults like to visit her YouTube channel due to her incredible series. Why don’t you check the whole post below for more information about Little Kelly?

Facts about Little Kelly 1: the series developed by Little Kelly

Little Kelly has developed various series for her YouTube channel which include CrazyCraft and Minecraft School.

Little Kelly Facts

Little Kelly Facts

Facts about Little Kelly 2: making a Youtube channel

Little Kelly created a YouTube Channel in June 2015.

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Facts about Little Kelly 3: the subscribers

Her channel is very popular among Youtubers. In less than six months after her initial Youtube channel release, Little Kelly got a half million subscribers.

Facts about Little Kelly 4: the family life

Have you known the family life of Little Kelly? It seems that she is a little bit mysterious. Scott and Ryan are the names of the twin older brothers of Little Kelly. Both of them are in LittleLizardGaming.

Little Kelly Images

Little Kelly Images

Facts about Little Kelly 5: Sharky

Sharky is the name of a fellow YouTuber who begins a relationship with Little Kelly. We definitely hope that the couple will be happy together.

Facts about Little Kelly 6: the most popular videos of Little Kelly

Have you accessed the YouTube channel of Little Kelly before? What kinds of videos do you like?  It seems that “Secret Garden Maze”, “Joker Sneaks into the Castle” and “House Tour!” are the most popular videos to watch in her Youtube channel. The audiences love them much.

Little Kelly

Little Kelly

Facts about Little Kelly 7: Little Carly

Have you ever known about Little Carly? She is also a YouTuber who becomes a close friend of Little Kelly.

Facts about Little Kelly 8: the personal information

Little Kelly was born on 23rd May 1995. Her birthplace was located in Dublin, Ireland. Her zodiac is Gemini. She is 21 years old now.

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Facts about Little Kelly 9: the views on YouTube

After a few months being a part of YouTube, her channel earns around 2 until 3 million views.

Facts about Little Kelly

Facts about Little Kelly

Facts about Little Kelly 10: Instagram

Do you know that Little Kelly is also popular on Instagram? People consider her as a social media sensation. As of June 2016, her Instagram account has 100,000 followers.

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