10 Facts about Long Jump

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Facts about Long Jump will talk about the track and field event. In the past, it is called broad jump. The score is higher when the athlete is capable to reach the farthest leap from the take off point.  The combination of agility, strength and speed is needed for the professional long jump athlete. The competition of long jump can be traced back in the Ancient Olympic Games. In 1896, the first Olympic had long jump competition for men. Since 1948, the women have participated in long jump competition in the Olympics. Let us find out other interesting facts about long jump below:

Facts about Long Jump 1: the runway

The runway for long jump usually has the rubberized coated surface. It is the same with the one found on the surface of running tracks.

Facts about Long Jump

Facts about Long Jump

Facts about Long Jump 2: the competition in the elite level

The competition in the elite level is conducted by having the competitors jump as far as they can to reach the pit filled with sand and gravel. The wooden board has the width of 8 inches or 20 cm. The determination about the jump will be the responsibility of the official.

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Facts about Long Jump 3: the foul line

The jump can be performed by the competitor behind the foul line.  To make sure that they can get the best jump, they need to get close with the foul line.

Facts about Long Jump 4: the attempts

The participants of long jump competition will have a number of opportunities to do the jumps. In the common situations, they will get three attempts. The best 8 to 9 will receive additional jump trials.

Long Jump Facts

Long Jump Facts

Facts about Long Jump 5: the result

The longest legal jump will be counted by the official as the result even though they try several jumps.

Facts about Long Jump 6: who is the winner?

The winner of the long jump is the person who is capable of having the longest jumps whether it is the jump for the trial or final round.

Long Jump History

Long Jump History

Facts about Long Jump 7: the history of long jump

The history of long jump has been recorded since the ancient Greece Olympics. It was called the jumping event.

Facts about Long Jump 8: the emergence of long jump

All sports competed in ancient Olympic were mainly to train the people for the war. The long jump was applied to train them for tackling the ravines or even streams.

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Facts about Long Jump 9: Chionis

Chionis was the most prominent ancient sportman who held the jumping record of 23 feet and 1.7 inches or 7.05 meters.

Long Jump

Long Jump

Facts about Long Jump 10:speed

In the outdoor, the athletes need to have speed work for 100 meter.

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