10 Facts about Lord Cornwallis

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The notable British officer and colonial administrator are explained on Facts about Lord Cornwallis.  He was the first Marquess Cornwallis. In 1762 until 1792, he became the Earl Cornwallis. Charles Cornwallis was born on December 31st, 1738 and died on October 5th, 1805. In 1753 until 1762 he was known as Viscount Brome. During the American War of Independence, he served as one of the leading generals from Britain.

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 1: the Siege of Yorktown

At the Siege of Yorktown, Cornwallis who served as the general decides to surrender to the combined forces of America and France.

Lord Cornwallis Facts

Lord Cornwallis Facts

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 2: in Ireland and India

In Ireland and India, Cornwallis was the civil and military governor. In India, he established the Permanent Settlement and Cornwallis Code. In Ireland, he applied Act of Union.

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Facts about Lord Cornwallis 3: the family background

Talking about his education, Cornwallis went to Cambridge after graduating from Eton. He was from an aristocratic family. In 1757, he decided to join the military.

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 4: the inherited title

Cornwallis inherited the title as Earl Cornwallis after the death of his father in 1762. Then he joined the House of Lords.

Lord Cornwallis

Lord Cornwallis

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 5: as a colonel

He earned the rank as a colonel for the 33rd Regimen of Foot in 1766 until 1805.

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 6: the American War of Independence

Cornwallis participated in the American War of Independence in 1776 where he fought for the British side. At the Battle of Camden, he had to surrender at the hand of the American forces. In October 1781, he and his forces surrendered at Yorktown. Even though the surrender put him in an embarrassing situation, Cornwallis was still able to maintain his active career in British government.

Facts about Lord Cornwallis

Facts about Lord Cornwallis

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 7: the role in India

He became the Governor-General and commander-in-chief in India after he was knighted in 1786.

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 8: Third Anglo-Mysore War

Cornwallis was involved in Cornwallis in 1789 until 1792 where his leadership was capable for defeating Tipu Sultan, Mysorean ruler.

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Facts about Lord Cornwallis 9: the role in Ireland

The Union between Great Britain and Ireland was partly contributed by Lord Cornwallis. He suppressed the Irish Rebellion in 1798.

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis

Facts about Lord Cornwallis 10: the death

In 1805, he was sent back to India. After his arrival there, he passed away.

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